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Barefoot Help


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Looking for lots of suggestions here, yours may be the lucky winner. I am working on BF LL and can't seem to get outside the wake. Today I just stood up anyway, inside the wake, but took a tumble as I went for the trough.

Front deeps are not a problem. I'm using a Spectra MicroFusion Mainline, getting to butt-glide postion ~30 MPH, but can't seem to steer with any control. I am a small man and not too heavy, if that makes a difference. Think Ron Scarpa without the bulk. Maybe my butt-glide is still too fast, I don't know.

Have tried a little whip from the boat, but jammed my knee while butt-gliding too fast (~35 MPH) and being out of control.

All info welcome. Hoping to get a handle on the LL before the season ends. TIA

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Jack, as the boat is pulling you out of the water edge to one side, either the left or right. if you want to go left lean on your left butt cheek. this should help. you can also us your feet on the rope to help you steer if you want to go left use your right foot to press on the rope.

I hope this helps


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Doing a front deep LL I just keep the handle at my waist at all times during the start up until planting my feet. As soon as the boat takes off I pull with the opposite hand of the direction that I want to go....Be careful you may Shoot out too fast so take baby steps on how hard you pull.

Oh yeah stay in the 20s on your butt, you may have more control steering, once into the curl then have the driver take it up to speed smoothly.My wife used to give me a thumbs up when up to speed when I was learning...one less variable....comforting to know....good wifey !

Also You should be able to stand up anywhere behind the boat, its all a frame of mind....seriously!

Ive been behind alot of BUs and they have a great wake...just stand up.

Just make sure you plant your feet smoothly and not Jab them in.

Lay your feet on the water and let your arms out you will come right up.

Good knee bend, ankles under your knees and arms out straight....back straight.

Just keep doing it and it will come....

Good luck


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ditto what Shawn said. Once you sit up start your lean. In addition to pushing down on the line with the opposite, take the other foot off the line and point the direction you want to go. Cheek out to the left, lead with your left foot off the line.

Make sure you are stable though because if you are outside the wake to soon you may catch some air going over the roller. Cool feeling though, I really dig that!

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As soon as the boat takes off start leaning in the direction you want to go. Don't be afraid to lean so far that your elbow is almost touching the water.

Be sure to get started early (as soon as you feel yourself on plane.) The more speed the boat picks up the more it will try to suck you right into the center of the wake where the trough is.

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What they said. The only thing I might add, while you are learning, is for the boat to accelerate a little slower. Probably want to be no more than 25 - 28 mph until you get outside the wake. After you get the hang of it the speed won't matter as you will already be headed out before the boat gets up to speed.


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i agree with all above. additionally, this may seem odd, but I start on the OPPOSITE side of the wake that I feel more comfortable on, and I let the pull up pull me across the wake to the side i like. for example, i prefer getting up on the right side, so the wife lines me up to the left side of the boat. as she accelerates, I cheek out to the right, which is a lot easier, because i am being slingshot to the right anyway.

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slower boat acceleration should help you. As soon as you start to plane, begin your move to a cheek. If you wait until the boat is moving quicker, it becomes much harder to cheek out.

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Excellent help, guys, and keep it coming!

I have stood up directly behind the boat, but definitely don't prefer it at this point and am unable to hold it for long--quite turbulent. Actually tried longline off the boom hoping to get set to the left of the wake. Got sucked to the center anyway.

Still unsuccessful cheeking out, but today tried starting a bit off to the side. Wrong side, if I understand you correctly, John. I was on left of boat trying to cheek left. Sounds like I should start right if I want to cheek left?

Damn I wish one of you guys was nearby or I had an experienced footer in the area. I'm probably butt-gliding too fast for my weight still, even at 25/26.

HOWEVER WE HAD SOME SUCCESS TODAY!!! Now that I am more in control, at a slower butt-glide than before, driver gave me a little turn without being too abrupt. I ended up outside, went to footing speed and stood up. Was up for a bit, tried to adjust body position and caught a toe--not as forgiving back there as off the boom. Next attempt was successful as well. Stood for awhile, enjoyed the rush, and sat back down before the boat had to make a hard turn.

Keep the advice coming! It's the next best thing to being there. :)

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Still unsuccessful cheeking out, but today tried starting a bit off to the side. Wrong side, if I understand you correctly, John. I was on left of boat trying to cheek left. Sounds like I should start right if I want to cheek left?

yes. I start on left side, and cheek right, so I get up on right.

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You can always have your boat driver turn slightly. This will help push you outside the wake. If you want to go to the right, have the driver turn slightly to the left. All you need is a slight arch and it should be enough to help push you outside the wake.

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I'm working on it too. Almost had it on Sunday.

I added an extra layer of dense foam butt-pad to my footin suit. It helped a ton. I was able to do my first butt slide from a LL barefoot run and then stood back up after the butt slide.

After that I was stoked on sticking the LL deepwater start. I tried 4 times and almost had it every time. I wasn't able to cheek-out though. I tried. I'm happy I was just able to get to the sit-up position. The extra padding did the trick.

Thanks for the advice guys.

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I finally did it. Got to my feet from the LL deepwater start. Using a 100' rope. The extra butt-pad made a world of difference. It was so easy after adding the pad.

I can't beleive I did it! I got it on video too. What a riot!

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I finally did it.

congrats jason

you will never be the same again.

a little extra padding will allow you to relax a bit and think about what comes next.

wake crossing by the end of the season.


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