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De Winterize ?

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Help guys, I sold my 06 VLX and am trying to get it all de-winterized for the new guy..

I talked to the dealer, he told me that there will be a 1/4" clear hose of the output shaft . Follow that and and there should be a twist tie off it. Cut that off and I'm good to go..

He said its in the rear engine compartment door on the drivers side. ?? He said take off the rear compartment door and cut off the zip tie.. ? I just can't figure this out.. ?

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ANybody have any tips.. This guy is supposed to come today.. I got tied up earlier this morning, and am panicking a little now.. :unsure:

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This is exactly what he said in his emails..

You more then likely have water cooled shaft seal. There will be a 1/4" clear hose of the output shaft . Follow that and and there should be a twist tie off it. Take off the drivers side engine cover and you should see it. Take off the rear engine compartment door and cut the zip tie.


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Yes, there is a clear hose which runs from just downstream from the transmission cooler

(on the starboard/driver's side) to the water-cooled shaft seal. Where it connects to the

shaft seal (blue cylinder on my boat), it needs a hose clamp. It also needs a hose clamp

on the proximal end. Between those to fittings, it should be unobstructed.

Why the dealer would put a zip tie on it is beyond me, although my boat was actually delivered

with a zip tie on that hose! Believe me, speaking from personal experience, that's a recipe

for disaster (that sucker pumps like 12 gallons/minute, and if it becomes disconnected, your

boat will fill up in a hurry).

On the other hand, I'm not sure why this would be a part of the winterizing process unless he

circulated anti-freeze and didn't want any spilling out through the shaft seal. If that's the case,

just make sure there is nothing on the hose itself to impede flow to the shaft seal.

P.S.- If there is no clear hose, then you don't have a water-cooled shaft seal. I'm pretty sure

it was an option in 2006.

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