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2000 sportster running rough

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I have a 2000 sportster and this year it is running rough at idle, I did have some water get in the engine compartment from a leaking hose last week. To start up the motor, I have to give it some throttle and last year it would start and run fine with no throttle. It has plently of power to pull skiers but just seems to run rough. Before I just start buying fuel filter, plugs, wires, and a cap, can someone possibly enlighten me on where to start the evaluation process. The Good thing is the familly was out on the water skiing and wakeboarding this weekend in Ohio. Thanks

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Fuel filter, cap and rotor, spark plugs are pretty much an annual item so I'd start there.

My money is going to be on the cap and rotor, You can pull it off and inspect, if the leads look nasty change it out.


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Carb or fuel injection on what engine? How may hours? Not suggesting ignition parts might not be the problem but Yearly replacement might be overkill. 500 hours on original iginition components (except plugs around 300 & the looked fine on 99 Monsoon (knock on wood!) Boat is stored inside year round, so moisture build-up isn't an issue. I do agree with 99response on what to try first. Not sure of fuel filter location on Sportster. Muffed that one before. Apparently varies with engine option.

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Sporty I assumed would be carbed, especially since the boat starts when you give it throttle. I've always found with the 310s that keeping nice clean ignition parts is the best way to keep them behaved.

I don't change out all my stuff yearly but I sure do inspect annually. Usually someone who leaves their boat on the water and stores it outside will require a cap and rotor pretty much annually or biannually.

Can't tell you how many corroided caps I've pulled out of boats...considering its about $20 and 5 minutes to change why risk your time on the water.


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The 310 is carbed and has 450 hours on it. It is stored inside an insulated building with a cover from Nov to May in Ohio. I will start with the cap and rotor, and plugs then move to fuel filter and wires if needed. Thanks for the support.

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