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2004 Malibu Wakesetter VLX Problem

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I am not a boat expert so please bare with me. Just bought a 2004 Malibu Wakesetter VLX. Today was my first day on the lake. What an amazing ride! All was going well but about an hour into the day I started hearing 4 beeps coming from under the dash. Having no idea what the problem was I pulled the boat out of the water. I did some research tonight and it sounds like it could be a faulty oil pressure switch. I have located the switch and unplugged the brown wire as per what I have read. If the beeping goes away it sounds like it is the switch. But I am a little worried it could be something else. My oil pressure read in the middle of the gage for the most part but when going fast it did climb. Is this normal? Also, i felt the water exhaust pipes and one was quite a bit hotter than the other. When in the boat facing the rear, the one on the left was hotter (and it was a fairly big difference). Is this normal? When I pulled the boat out of the water there was water coming out of the right exhaust but nothing out of the left.

Thanks in advance (hopefully I am making sense!!!!)

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The oil pressure gauge should climb as you accelerate. I am not sure on faulty sensor, but replace it to see if that fixes the "beep."

I would check you impellar to make sure it is okay. I was just on a buddies boat who sucked a leaf up and got hot for a minute, but after a quick break everything was fine. I know my boat has an raw water intake filter and it gets cleaned every other oil change.

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How high should the oil pressure gauge climb?

I have taken the brown wire off the oil pressure switch and I will see if the beeping stops tomorrow.

Any concern about one of the cooling pipes being hotter than the other as mentioned in my post above?

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i had this beeping in my '04 VLX and it went away after a few hours on the water never to return in 50+ hours

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80 psi oil pressure in 1999 325 monsoon at higher speeds.

No experience with your exhaust problem, but I'd say yes, something wrong if one manifold is substantially hotter than the other and has no water showing at the same time the cool side does. Starting with the easiest, pull the hose off that hot manifold and the other end from the thermostat housing. Check the hose, the fitting on the manifold and the housing for obstructions. If nothing there, check hoses and appliances from water pickup to thermostat to make sure your getting full flow to thermostat housing (as previous post suggests) Next I'd open up the thermostat housing. Check the exhuast hose (for possible collapse, has the engine ever overheated?) and lastly the manifold for sediment build up.

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Thanks for all your help guys. Turns out the beeping was because of the oil pressure switch. I took it off today, the beeping went away, put it back on, and beeping started again. Time to order a new switch.....

Boat is put away for a few weeks so I will have to look into the cooling system at a later time.

Thanks again....

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If you just bought the boat go ahead and do a full tune up, cap, rotor, plugs, fuel filter, oil change, tranny fluid, v-drive fluid, drive belt, and an impeller. A couple hundred bucks and you'll know the boat is all set.

I've bought more boats where owners said "its just been tuned up"....knowing all the stuff you'd change in a tune up hasn't be touched.


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