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First trip with mudflaps, air bags and towing cover problem


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We picked up our boat from dealer the other day and I mentioned it looks like it would rain on 3hr drive home. They brought out a roll of cellophane wrap and wrapped all around the rub rail then put cinch cover on. Seemed like an easy solution for longer towing trips to prevent rubbing while towing with cover. Our local UPS store had 1000ft rolls (20in wide) for $20.

I really like the factory cinch cover and also prefer to tow with cover on. Our only problem is that at anything over 65-70mph the cover starts to push up over the rub rail in the bow and eventually come loose enough to have to stop and fix. Anyone else have this issue? I think it is because we have the bow rails that stretch the cover so it barely covers each side of the rub rail. Any solutions besides going slower, which did work but still not a great fit.

Also, we recently added the Enkay mudflaps and Firestone airbags to our truck. Both worked well the whole trip and are great additions to our towing setup given how much we tow our boat during summer.

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I have the same problem..Dealer said to suck up the winch for the cover as hard as you can..It helps!!

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there is no need to plastic wrap the rub rails. They are stainless steel and the plastic wrap may be helping the cover slide up over the rub rail.

Also, your cover is brand new. It probably streched some during the trip home from the wind load. It will take several trips to get the cover "broken in" and fitting its best. Just keep your eye on it, and make sure the strap is as tight as possible.

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Sorry, picked up from dealer after winter storage. Boat is 07 vride. Cellophane was to protect gelcoar from cover rubbing against it while towing. For sure trying to get straps as tight as possible. It's a great cover and hopefully keep working things out.

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I have the same issue. The Malibu cinch cover (fits nicely under the rub rail) will mar up the gel coat above the rail. I have used the rap and needed to go around the boat 4 x to prevent the chaffing. I have a black boat and I still have marks from the first tow 2 years ago.

We need to tow with the cover on to keep it clean inside during the 4 hour ride to Naci

I have thought about adding felt or a soft fabric to the underside, when I had the Supra it had a sunbrella cover with a vinyl lined felt. but straps were everywhere.

I hope someone comes up with a permeate solution.

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Good topic, i thought it was just my cover that rides up above the rub rail. mine does it around the tower area. the bow is fine.

If my tarp was a couple of inches wider i am pretty sure i wouldn't have this problem.

I always wrap the boat with pallet wrap plastic before putting the tow cover on.

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Are you guys talking about the Malibu factory cover? Truely, its a decent factory cover, and nothing more. It is towable for people that don't tow far/often, or people that aren't as picky about the condition of their boat. My dealer even said its not really a towable cover when i picked it up. It will work, but not idea. If you want a good towing cover (which it sounds like you do), go buy a Rankin Evolution.

My buddy has one, and by far, the nicest boat cover i have ever seen. Padded around the rub rail, has molded "hooks" that grab the rub rail, and padded at all reinforced points (windsheild, etc).

No plastic wrap business... Just cinch down, and go!

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