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Changing Raw water impeller on 2001 Monsoon

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Getting psyched! Ice is out (northern MN) time for the boat to go in. Cabin is a long way from civilization (no cell no internet).


First time to put in new impeller. Seems like it would be easy but want to ask before entering isolation. This forum and my Bu buddies have saved me on several occasions by de-mystifying the winterization process.

Anyways. I have three tasks between me and my first run. Impeller. reconnect water hoses. change tranny fluid.

All seem simple....

Oh ,yeah. Changed oil last fall . Ran the boat long enough to get stabil into all fuel line components. Opinions on whether oil is good to go after sitting in heated garage for 5 1/2 months.... (Like to pamper my baby....)

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Impeller on DD is really simple. Remove 4 screws & cap, lube impeller, pull lanyard, bump throttle.

I used 2 paint can openers to remove the old one without any damage, but you can use pliers, etc if you don't want to keep the old one for a spare.

Put in new one. Don't really need to worry which way the vanes go, the first time you start the engine they will be oriented the right way.

Reassemble. Don't over tighten the screws.

When reconnecting the hoses, don't over tighten the clamps on the transmission cooler - it's copper & you can crush the openings with a hose clamp.

For the tranny fluid, a turkey baster or oil extractor will work. Just put in the same amount you took out.

Oil - you're good to go.

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What he said.

A good backup plan for the impeller (since you're in no-wheres-ville) would be a pair of needle nosed vice grips, some boot lube, and maybe a small tube of silicone. I did it with a couple of screwdrivers on a DD my first time. Careful with the housing, I think it's aluminum.

Good luck!

Don't forget to adjust the shaft packing at your HDS box.


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