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Trials and tribulations of getting a license plate


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So, here's a weird story for everyone.

I bought the boat last may, and financed it through Key bank. Nothing special there. Well, the dealership is in a different city (Denver), so naturally they screwed up the taxes owed on the trailer. The county sends me a letter stating that I owe them $555. I tell them to go ahead and bill the dealer, since IMO, they screwed up. Dealer sends the paperwork back to the county. County sends the paperwork to Key when it doesn't get paid in 30 days.

Weeks later, Key calls the dealer looking for the title, and send me a letter requesting the title. Dealership works with the bank and the county and the county can prove that everything was signed for at Key. Key can not prove that it went anywhere, even though they say they send it back to the dealership. Key says they will work on it.

Months go by. I don't care, as the boat is on the water so what do I need a license plate for? Spring has now rolled around again, and Key is once again looking for their title and calling me and the dealer. I still have no license plates, Key has no title, county has no tax money, and dealer has no clean sale. Oh, and we have a brand new person at Key, so everything is starting all over again. Worst part, no one seems to know what to do....?

Is this really the first time EVER that something like this has happened? I just want some plates for my trailer... Dontknow.gif

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What a bank and dealer.... Sounds like if you were to stop making payments they wouldn't even know.

bank: You us $XXX.XX for your monthly boat payment.

You: What boat? I don't own a boat; Do you have a record of title?

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Sounds to me like the dealer better get it figured out for you. I know here in Michigan the State would be leaning on the dealer to make it right. I would assume that to be true in any state.

Good luck I hope it all gets worked out for you.

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I would agree with calling the bank and telling them your going to refinance it with another bank and you would like the title. If they cant provide it, stop paying on it. Sounds like the dealer has a problem they need to get figured out and fast.

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Glad to see NC is not the only state that likes to screw up trailer tags. My family bought an 07 VLX used from a private party in TN. Apparently trailers are not titled in TN but they are in NC. Since we did not have a title for the boat from the previous owner the NCDMV wants us to provide the history of the trailer for the past three years. How are we supposed to do that with an 07 trailer? Still no tags.

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I"m sure you pointed out that a 3 year history was not possible on a 07 trailer, but I'm curious. What exactly was their response? I'm still waiting for a fresh round of phone calls.

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So the stuff was signed for at the bank and they mailed back THEIR title to the dealer (assuming the bank owned the trialer and boat)....yeah right.

Sounds like the bank lost it and wants to blame the dealer (who should not have the title once the boat is sold anyway).

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Can't really refinance since he does not have a title to prove he is the owner of the boat. Couldn't sell the boat either.. In Missouri you pay taxes 30 days after purchase so you have to take original title and application for title to license office. Once taxes are paid the new title with lien info is sent to owner within 10 days. Use to be the bank kept the title but not anymore around here.

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I"m sure you pointed out that a 3 year history was not possible on a 07 trailer, but I'm curious. What exactly was their response? I'm still waiting for a fresh round of phone calls.

Yeah we pointed that out and they said we didn't have enough history.

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