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Windshield HELP!!!!


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Looking for a little help. I've managed to smash the windshield on my 98 Response and am looking for help from all who own the same boat. On the windshield of your boats there is a sticker that has 6 digits it should be on the port side window frame. So I'm told. Mine is missing and if I have the number Taylor will be able to match part number so I can order another one. I know this is a pain but I'm running out of options. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cry.gif

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I don't have a 98 response to look at but I would think Malibu should be able to provide you with the part numbers of that windshield then just order it up from Taylor.

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I had a hell of a time when I bought my boat 3 years ago. The previous owner somehow broke the front windshield, so I was trying to find one for a 91 Skier F3 Euro. I contacted Malibu with my hull number and even knew it was made by Taylor Made. After contacting Taylor Made and giving them any numbers I could find, they werent able to help me. I talked with Jorge Martinez at Malibu and we were able to track one down, but there were only three available in the U.S. That one on EBay is very cheap. The one on my 91 Euro cost me around $950.

Hopefully you will have better luck than I did getting your window replaced.

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I broke the windshield on my '98 SS VLX 4 years ago.

The replacement was hard to get, and took several months. I too had to source through Malibu instead of through Taylor Made directly. There aren't many older windshields around.

Be ready for some sticker shock, as mine was near $2K!

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Thanks for the info so far guys, The ebay one I already checked outand it's for the next generation of boats 99 and up. I'm chasing Malibu right now for the part # but no response yet. Anyone have the # for malibu directly rather than the email??? I know it woun't be cheap but what else can you do? The other thing the local dealer told me is that Malibu woun't help me with this because the boat is too old or I should say I can't get the windshield through Malibu because it's too old. ( more than 10 years). So I'm stuck to go directly to Taylor but I need the part #.

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It happened the the left side of my windshield a couple of years ago and I went through Malibu. They wouldn't sell me just the glass I had to get the whole part. It wound up costing me over $1K including shipping and installation. If I could have just gotten the glass it would have been a lot easier.

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Malibu Boats, Merced, Ca, (209)383-7469 Ask for Jorge Martinez. He's been very helpful & knowledgeable.


Jorge was a big help tracking down mine. Just be patient, and you'll track one down. Thats the bad part about having curved glass. You cant just go to a local glass shop and get a new piece of flat glass to fix it yourself.

I thought the $800 i paid for mine was bad. I did the install myself, and it wasnt too bad, but it took some time and wasnt really easy, but we got it installed.

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I hate to refer someone who talks bad about my business but he worked for Cope and Mcpheteres and might know where some windshields are laying around. I am only doing this for you as a malibu owner. Nobody else contact this yahoo for business. If you are in the Vacaville Area go somewhere else, Like California Marine Sports

People that call customers and warn them off other shops are not business men at all. They are cheats. Ok wallstreet I guess.

PM me, I only have his cell #.

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