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what to do with Stinky Rashguards????


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Its been pretty hot and humid here lately and I made the mistake of leaving some rashguards wet on my boat and covering it up.


Now the rashguards smell like death warmed over but I don't want to get rid of them. Is there something I can soak them in that will get rid of the mildew/smell but not mess up the rashguards? I was thinking something along the lines of baking soda but I really don't have any experience in this area.


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I've soaked mine in the sink with some Dawn dishsoap for 30 minutes to an hour, and then let it hang dry with a clothes hanger over the shower head.

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OK, duh for me, but what is a rash guard?

Your kidding right????

If not, it is a skin tight stretchy shirt you wear so your arms and chest don't get a rash from rubbing when you are skiing.

My son didn't take his to go boogie boarding in Cali 2 weeks ago. He was all red. The other guys kept on slapping him. :lol:

You could soak it in Lysol also.

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To get rid of the mildew smell just mix a little laundry detergent in a bucket with some water and let'em soak for a bit. Perform the "aggitation cycle" with your hands, then rinse with clean water and hang dry.

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Thanks for all the replies. I think I will try soaking them in one of those various mixtures. Perhaps even make a few mixtures and put one rashguard in each to compare results ;)

My only concern is if something like bleach will mess with the lycra material or not.

For those that are curious, a rashguard is a skin-tight shirt you wear under your life jacket. I wear a long sleeve one almost all the time now for numerous reasons:

  • Bad falls hurt less (especially ones that smack your skin and make it red)
  • UV Protection
  • Less iratation when holding the handle in my elbow
  • Makes chilly water a bit more bearable
  • Actually keeps you cool on hot days when it is wet

Here's a pic of me in my rashguard before it smelled like mildew:


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A little of topic but... I used to wear rash guards all the time for most of the same reasons stated above however I have found a better alternative. Liquid Force makes a hydrotex shirt for men and women in both long and short sleeve. WAY better than a rash guard IMO. More comfortable and less restrictive. Here's the link if anyone's interested.

Hydrotex Shirt

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Chauncemaster How do you like riding the erian 112 board ROFL.gif

Too Funny :lol:.

Chauncemaster no pun intended Innocent.gif

Nice catch D-Goose

Cheers.gif to all!

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I have had great success with a product used by divers for their wet suits. Its called, "Sink the Stink". It is basically a wet suit shampoo that is excellent at removing odors. Just add to the water you soak your gear in. You can get it at any dive shop and I highly recommend it.

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We do the same thing. Wash them like they were normal clothing. Soap and water. We haven't had any problems. Just make sure you use cold water and hang to dry. It is heat that ruins the fibers. Bleach will over time ruin the lycra but a small amount in the water won't hurt.

Our water here smells like it has a lot of chlorine bleach in it when it comes out of the tap. That is how they disinfect it in the water lines. We don't use it for drinking at all.

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also spray them with Fabreeze. we use it on hockey gear, and if can get the smell of hockey gear out, it should work on anything.

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