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Wiring Woes

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hey guys, first post so be nice ;)

Boat: 02 Wakesetter VLX - used for 6 years in salt water and has not been looked after :( I purchased it 6 months ago.

The first problem is a audible alarm that starts after about 10 mins or use on the water and is same tempo/pitch as the "ACC ON" alarm when you turn key on. I think this is a sender playing up but is there online documentation that may have different warning sounds for different things? Or are they not self diagnostic? The fuel gauge does not work - could it be a low fuel alarm?

The second problem is the main one. Sometimes the fuel pump will not prime. It's obviously a loose/dirty connection somewhere because if I play with the wiring making sure everything is tight behind dash etc I can get it working again. 1 thing I have noticed though is that when it is playing up, turning the key will not sound the audible alarm to tell me key is on. If I play with the wires with key on until i here the alarm, I turn it back off then on, and fuel pump will prime. Are these fed from same C/B? The rest of the gauges on the dash are working even when beeping/fuel pump are not. Where would the fuel pump be wired to?

I will be going down the river fine then the motor will cut out. Turn key and starts fine again unless the above scenario happens so I assuming the fuel pump is cutting out. It may happen 3/4 times a day.

I think i'm going to have to go through every connection in the boat due to it being used in salt water mos of it's life and re-terminate all cables :(

Any idea's?

Thanks guys

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First issue sounds like it could be a low oil pressure alarm, pretty common.

Second sounds like you could have the kill switch acting up on you.

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the fuel pump is run by a relay that the ecm turns on and off.

Check your emergency kill switch

check your ignition switch

check your ground bus.

sounds like your losing power to your ecm. the stalling and priming issue are probably one and the same

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i have replaced the ignition barrell with a new marine grade one

emergency kill switch? i don't think there is one, or atleast i haven't seen it

i'll check the earth bar now

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There is a kill switch, usually down by the circuit breakers, otherwise you may have a poorly bypassed circuit causing problems.


my boat has no kill switch....very strange!

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Look for two purple wires put together behind the dash and check the connection, that is how the kill switch was bypassed since it looks like the old owner removed it. I think it may have a black tracer but not sure.


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i found where it had been bypassed thanks chris!

still have issues which i'll post about in a new post as I have sorted some stuff out but only for more stuff to occur! ggggrrrr!!!

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