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Help - It is winter again - Want to do to keep from freezing

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I need some advise - I have had my boat out for the last two weekends and now we had a spring storm blow in and the temp got down to 17 last night. My boat is stored at the marina where I purchased it and is in a unheated building. Do I need to worry about something freezing? What options do I have other than having them winterize it again? I don't want to pay for witerizing again if I can avoid that option - is there something that I can do to prevent freezing - it gets up to around 50 during the day, but not sure if it warms up enough to keep it from freezing at night. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


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I have been concerned about this over the past few years in northern Utah. Have friends that have used drop light or an oil pan heater block (which seems to work really well and warms up the block). We store our boat in summer outside with no access to electricity. So, after stressing about options I just decided it was easier to drain the block and unscrew the exhaust manifold hose - both easy to do on vride. That at least protects the expensive stuff (I think). Someone more mechanical than me can tell you the other couple hoses that can be disconnected to drain other water (both pretty easy). It doesn't protect the ballast system, but so far no problems. The bilge heater does look pretty effective though.

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Yea, the exhaust manifold hoses connect together on the passenger side of the engine, below the exhaust manifold.

There is also a knock sensor to remove there from the engine block.

There are two hoses at the top, towards the back where the thermostat is.

Hoses on both sides of the v-drive under the rear seat.

There is a hose towards the back, down low, from the bottom of the exhaust to the shower.

Plus all of the shower & heater connections.

And cycle the ballast pumps till their dry.

I usually blow compressed air thru all of them.

I bought a bilge heater last year & have it bolted to the side wall of the engine compartment. I just park the boat & pull the power cord out & plug it in.

I also installed car radiator flush Ts in each of the 2 heater hoses down in the bilge, toward the driver's side rear of the engine. I just pull the caps & all the water in the heater (which is up under the dash) drains out into the bilge.

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Our vride with the 320 engine doesn't have the sensor, so it is just two plugs.

AirJunky- What size heater did you get? And for sporadic use could it be placed in vride locker with engine wall removed, so heat is still being focused towards engine and bilge area?

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