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Malibu Lifetime Hull Warranty Experience


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I thought I would share an experience regarding the Malibu Boats plant in TN, and specifically dealing with a warranty issue on a 10 year old Echelon that I purchased new.

A couple of years ago, I noticed the floor sinking between the stringers and the gunnel, starting at the observer's/driver's seat running all the way back under the gas tank on both sides. The floor had a concave appearance and dipped roughly 1/2 inch. In addition, the flip up piece covering the mufflers and the drive shaft was failing...the honeycomb material (I think) was breaking down. I realized the problem didn't affect performance in any way, but it definitely bothered me.

I decided to call the factory, and I got John Sisson's name as the man to explain my problem to. I made the initial phone call last June, and prepared myself for the worst, as I was skeptical of the response I would receive as the boat was 10 years old with 650hrs. I had my arguments all thought out in advance. I spoke with John, and he immediately told me that was obviously a problem and something Malibu would fix. John said it was rare, though something they had seen (and fixed) in the past. One possible explanation to the problem was not getting the two part foam under the floor mixed EXACTLY right, allowing the floor to settle over time. He stated there might be some labor costs as the warranty was materials only, but added he would work with me on that. I was basically told that whenever I could get my boat to TN, they would fix the problem, and suggested the winter layup for obvious reasons. John told me he would have Kerri Johns contact me so we could set up some kind of plan.

As promised, Kerri contacted me and we set up a tentative plan for sometime around the end of September. I didn't want the boat going in foul winter weather, and I figured I could just use the other boats in my group of skiing friends for the estimated two week turn around for the repair. Well the time came, and Kerri found a truck that would be passing through my area and I was going to meet the truck along the highway for the driver to pick up my boat. She couldn't promise the quick turn around as there were some promo boats ahead of mine, so I asked if we could just go ahead and wait till it got colder, which wasn't a problem. I ended up taking the boat to my dealer in early November as they were receiving a shipment of boats, and mine could tag along as a "back haul" to the factory to save shipping costs. I told Kerri not to hurry as the extra garage space for the winter would be nice.

As everyone knows, the boat building business took a dive and for various reasons Kerri explained the boat would probably be at the factory for much longer than she anticipated. I again thanked her for keeping me updated, and said I would patient as I enjoyed the extra garage space and didn't really want the boat traveling on messy winter roads anyway. I caught wind of our own GalaxyToad going to the factory for a tour, so I asked him to check on my boat if he got a chance...he did and took a picture of it sitting on the lot, which was a nice touch. After the repairs were done, it became quite a juggling act to try and coordinate the shipping back to my area...not many new boats leaving the factory for mine to hitch a ride with.

Fastforward to April and I received this e-mail from Kerri:

Hi Seth. We are getting close. It will leave this week, I just don’t know the exact day. We’ll deliver to Munson so they can offload it since I have to make this a 2 boat load to keep expenses down. I’m thinking it will deliver this Thursday or Friday. Would you be able to p/up quickly? Munson is busting at the seams right now getting boats ready for the season. I will be in touch soon. Thanks! Oh, and since we deemed this to be completely warrantable and your boat is in such immaculate condition, we know you’ve not been abusive at all with it and we’ve decided to take care of all warranty repairs and transportation costs. We just apologize that it even happened in the first place and that we weren’t able to get to the repairs as quickly as originally anticipated. Thank you for your patience.

Kerri R. Johns

I was figuring I would have to spend somewhere around $800 for the round trip transportation to TN, so to me this was like hitting the lotto. The transportation costs included Munson's hoisting the boat to/from the semi trailer (twice) and Malibu's heat shrinkable shipping covers for both trips. I picked the boat up at Munson's and was overwhelmingly pleased with the repairs. The new carpet matched very well and I now have a removable rear floor section like the newer boats instead of my old hinged section, which I was never very fond of. In addition, my bilge was cleaner than when I sent it to them, so the small details were taken care of as well.

I just wanted to share the unbelievably positive experience I had with Malibu. Will I buy another Malibu? No doubt there....just as soon as I can convince my wife that we NEED an 03-06 RLXI or 99-04 SSLXI. Or better yet convince her a new boat straight from the factory is necessary...someday that day will come. Thumbup.gif


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Wow, to go the extra mile espcially when the chips are down says alot about the customer service level of Malibu.

Nice to know the take care of lecacy owners as well.

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Thanks for sharing such a positive expeperiece. Many times we only read about the negative. Malibu by far has the best warranty and stands 100% behind the product.


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That is awesome!!!! I suggest taking that $800 (or at least part of it) and finding yourself something from your dealer...I am sure they would appreciate your support of their business!! We need to keep the businesses that take care of their customers around!!!!

Awesome job Malibu!!!


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