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Need help from anyone in the Orlando Area


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It there is anyone that live in Orlando (Conway), FL.

I am looking to buy a trailer from a guy in Florida to replace my rusted POS Roadrunner trailer.

I am in Houston and if everything checks out, I plan to drive to go pick up the trailer a week or two. But I would feel better if someone with a keen eye could look it over. The owner has been very forth coming in answering any questions I've had and I have no reason to suspect that it is anything other than perfect condition but you never know.

It is a boatmate trailer so I know the mfg quality should be good, just don't want any surprises when I am driving those distance for a too good to be true deal.

Anyone interested in helping a brotha out. Thumbup.gif

I might as well ask if there is anyone with a Echelon in the area willing to check for fitment as well, might get a two for. Whistling.gif

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I am 100% certain that Florida does NOT title boat trailers. They ARE registered/tagged, of course.

To purchase that trailer you are looking to buy here in Florida, you will need a bill of sale with the trailer ID numbers on it, and to be perfectly legal, a tag to tow it home with. If I were the guy selling you my trailer, I would let you 'borrow' my tag and registration with maybe a $100 check for a 'deposit' till you sent my tag back to me. However, if he is not as cool as me, here's what you need to be legal:

When you get here, and buy the trailer, get the aforementioned bill of sale...leave trailer at guys house. Then go to the local tag office (must be during business hours 8:30-5:00 M-F) and pay $5.00 to get a temp tag in your name. You will also pay the sales tax (for where YOU live) at this time. Take your temp tag back to where trailer is and put it on the trailer and go home. When you get home, go to your tag office to get your permanent tag, having already paid the sales tax for where you live. BTW...there is a tag office in the Conway area.

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