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Mirror/Windshield attachment

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My mirror is attached to the top trim on the center part of the windshield. The trim on the windshield is becoming loose and the screws don't appear strong enough to hold it together. Anyone have this problem or a solution.

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No, but I noticed last night that the gap between the windshield door and the windshield seems a lot bigger (1/2") than it used to be when closed. Oh no!!! My boat is collapsing. :) Man I hope not. Probably just a fit and finish issue I never noticed before.

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I think the windshield is just bolted down to the hull & has a tendancy to move around a bit as the boat goes thru heavy chop. If you get under the dash & locate the nuts, you should be able to loosen it & move the windshield back into alignment.

Heres a shot of my own boat with a pair of Cipa comp mirrors mounted on factory Calabria mirror brackets. The brackets seem to be a lot sturdier than anything from Cipa. And I get a great view of the rider on each side.

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My problem is with the trim piece on the windshield that gets worked back and forth. It seems like it isn't strong enough to support the bracket.

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Anyone have this problem or a solution.

I have this same issue. I just bought the hardware to fix it this week-end. My fix is going to be to remove the small sheet metal screws that hold the top part of the windshield on (the piece that the mirror mounts to) and then drill all the way through where the sheet metal screw was and replace it with a machine screw/cap nut combo. That should hold it and keep it from wiggling. :)

I'll let you know.

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That's a good idea and will probably work.  I wonder if they make something rust proof in a similar color?

I just bought stainless hardware and if I don't like the silver head on the black windshield frame I figured that I'd hit them with a little flat black touch-up paint. That paint won't "stick" to the stainless but it would make a little "shell" and probably stay on.

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I had the same problem on my boat. I bought an articulating tower mirror to solve the problem. It's expensive, but it's one of my favorite accessories. Mirror stays put.

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