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De-Winterizing Questions

old skool malibu

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I was doing some spring cleaning on the boat and noticed that this year the shop left the drain plugs in the block. The block is filled with antifreeze, dont worry. I expected that they would have left the plugs out of the block but when I called them they told me that I would not have to bring the boat back for a spring run up as they left the plugs in. Is this common to fill the block with antifreeze and leave the plugs in or can you have some antifreeze in the block with the plugs out? Which method is most common and should I be worried that the plugs are left in? It would appear that there are 4 plastic drain plugs, 2 in the block and 2 on the exaust manifolds. I have a 5.7 carb Merc, does 4 drain plugs sound right? So should I start the boat up myself or bring it into the shop for a spring run up? I have charged both batteries and am ready to go. I have a hook up for my garden hoze before the impeller, can I just hook up my garden hose and go or do I have to seal off the thru hall intake so water doesn't go out that way? Thanks

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Our local dealership (that has an excellent reputation) winterizes the same way. Antifreeze in the block and all plugs left in. I've never heard of any of their customers having any problems after using this method.

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I drain the block and manifolds then replace plugs and fill block and manifolds with RV Antifreeze. I don't trust draining is going to get every bit of water and the winters here are not forgiving. I also pull any hoses and drain them before filling. If the dealer used RV antifreeze you can start it in the driveway. If they used automotive Antifreeze you want to catch it and dispose properly. You don't want it on the ground for pets kids to get into. I use a fake a lake. Then the boat takes as much water as it can use the rest spills out with no harm.

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Some leave the AF in the block, as I do.

As to your running it question, do you have a valve at the raw water pickup? I think boats of that generation did not, but it so, you would close the valve prior to running garden hose and starting the boat. You say you have a hookup prior to the impeller--is it a flush-pro or something similar? If so, you should be able to use pressure from the garden hose and start the boat.

If the answer to both questions above is no, then you need to seal off the raw water pickup.

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