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Need heater switch wiring diagram

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I was moving my heater switch today and of course forgot exactly how it was wired. I've got it close, but when I put it on low both the low and high lights illuminate.

Could someone please take a picture of the back of their heater switch and post it. Alternatively, if you could describe where everything wires in on each side that would probably help out as well.



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Assuming it's a HeaterCraft unit...:unsure:

Terminal 1 Yellow Wire, Low Speed

Terminal 2 Red Wire, Medium Speed

Terminal 3 Orange Wire, High Speed

Terminal + Red Wire, Fused Power Source

When looking at the back of the switch with the + terminal to the right, Term 1 will be at the top, Term 2 will be on the left, and Term 3 on the bottom.

All of this is straight out of the HeaterCraft installation instruction manual...just installed mine a couple of months ago. Thumbup.gif

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Thanks, but it sounds like we have a different switch then. I've got my plumbed into the stock Contura switch, which is an ON-OFF-ON switch. So it's only running the heater at high and medium. The yellow wire is cut right at the heater and never used. Sounds like you're using the Heatercraft switch.

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I couldn't get a good pic. from under the dash, but a took a pic of a extra Contura switch I have.

If you can read the numbers on the side of the switch

Blacks to #7

Red to #4

Blue to #5 and #2

Orange to #6

Orange with Green Tracer to #1

# 3 blank

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I'll let you know. I threw a multimeter on it and was able to get it working with the exception that both the low and high lights would light up when putting it on low. Since I'm so damn anal I want it right. That's the one part that I wasn't sure of how to troubleshoot with a multimeter. So this should do it. I'm thinking that blue jumper position is the trick.

I'll have to check when I get home, but I think that blue wire is actually on the same terminal with the orange w/ green tracer wire on mine right now and that was definitely how it was previously wired by my dealer. We'll see. In any case, I'll make sure I write up a postmortem one way or the other for other people doing heater installs.

Thanks again.


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When back under the dash with a flash light and yes the orange/green is tied in the blue. Sorry. :Doh:

Switch is a double pole double throw switch, looking from the back of the switch terminals are -

Right side top to bottom.

Ground for light

Power out when the switch is in the down position.

Power in.

Power out when the switch is in the up position.

Left side top to bottom.

Power out when the switch is in the down position.

Power in.

Power out when the switch is in the up position.

Power for the switch indicator light comes from only the left side.

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