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Does the ski rope interfere with racks on a VLX?


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I spent a day on a 23LSV with the Illusion X tower and I can't remember whether the owner had the racks on the lower mount, or the upper mount - nor do I remember whether they were straight racks or the angle racks. What I do remember was the rope kept getting stuck in the rack and boards when we circled back to the rider.

On a VLX, is this an issue? Which racks (straight or angled) are better to avoid this and which mounting point? I will only use one rack per side. Hope this is the right forum. Thanks for your help.


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I have four racks, on the top are the adjustable angle ones. Yup they do tend to get caught up if no one pays attention to what is going on. First thing you want to do is put a board in the top forks, so we always bring three boards so the top two are always full (preferably with the boots pointing down). As well if the driver takes a wider curve away from the rider it will allow the rider to easily keep the rope taunt and away from the boards.

It took us a bit to figure out what to do but once learned we seldom get it caught in the racks... no if you have a newbie in the water well that's a different story.

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I don't have a VLX, but the issue is the same I believe.

Never have a problem with the ski rope because it is low on the pylon (plus on your VLX it will be behind all the seats).

Definitely a problem with a wakeboard rope on the tower. The comment about having a board in the racks is right on. If you have one, put it there. The rope will catch under the board and it won't get stuck. Once the board is out is can get stuck between the fingers of the rack.

If there is someone in the boat, they can always just hold the rope down/out of the racks when your circling around too.

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I seem to remember a device that fits on the top of the tower that holds the rope away from the tower about 2-3 feet. I wonder if that will work. I'll try to find it on Overton's.

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my rope use to get caught all the time. I started taking wider turns and that solved the problem. Expecially if you have the tribal Nice Rack holders, the rope will get caught in the design of the rack. My CFO still turns sharp and the rope gets caught all the time. I try to tell her but...well you know... Dontknow.gif

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Our rope will get in the racks once in a while, but not a big deal. You can pretty much drive out of it or the wakeboarder can snap the rope out of it. I found if I have wakeboards in the rack, I'll find a rash on the rope after a few weeks of hardcore wakeboarding.

Tried wakeboarding today in 35mph winds. Let's just say it was tough with rough waters and being a human kite.

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Yea I have four Nice racks on the tower and it used to be a problem but now I just make sure there is a board on the top rack and is upside down so it just glides across it. It's not really an issue once you get used to it.

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