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Water ski handle


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Water ski handle...What is everyone using and why? What are the advantages and disadvantages to 12" vs. a 13" handle? How does one determine the diameter of the handle? Maybe I"m giving this tooo much thought. Cry.gif

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Definately what martho said. Make sure you go to a shop and check it out before buying one. My preference is the smallest possible, I like to be able to get it way out on my fingertips and feel comfortable.

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I have settled on the Tournament Series Tractor Radius from Straightline. Don't use it without gloves. It's one of those handles that really gets hold of you. Works with any gloves. Love it!

Do you find the radius handles to really be easier on your hands and arms? I have never used or even seen one.

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I use the same tractor. I find it doesn't blister my hands as bad as a smooth straight one, but I've still yet to find a handle/glove combo that doesn't blister my hands in warm water...

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I don't like the tractor - my hands are too small.

I have a shorter handle right now (I think it's 12") and will not go that route again - tend to have more misgrabs, and the rope wears against my pinky finger.

I'm on the market for a new handle - will probably go with a 13" ARS handle. The local shop had a 1.1 diameter in stock - seemed too big to me. Their having a sale in a couple of weeks and will have a little more inventory in from the other stores. If I can't find the right handle at the sale, I'll probably be giving in tow a call...

I'm hoping the ARS reduces the end of year forearm tendonitis that I typically get.

Also thinking if I go with smaller diameter, I have a better chance of changing my grip consistently (in the fingers instead of the against fingers & palm) which is the only hope of avoiding blistering...

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I think that we have a Straightline waterski handle. Purchased it a couple of years ago from BB Sports. It has an oval shaped barrel instead of a typical round. I find that it fits flatter against the palm and is easier to grip and hold on. Also it doesn't give blisters with or without gloves.

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I don't like the tractor - my hands are too small. 

If I can't find the right handle at the sale, I'll probably be giving in tow a call...

In Tow is out of 13" cores right now. They have some small diameter handles in stock but nothing over 1" in diameter. Brenda said it will likely be December before she has 13" cores again.

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