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Site for Avg Water Temps


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Anyone know of a site that has average water temps for different lakes throughout the year? The wife and I are looking to take a vacation sometime in May when we get out new boat but we want to make sure the water is fairly warm. We are looking at lakes in TN, GA, SC, NC (so far Norris, Dale Hollow are top but dont know what average water temp in May is). Thanks all.

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keep the altitude in mind, things cool off quick as you point the front of the truck up hill.

google to find some of the fishing web sites; they can be a good resource for water temps.

u.s. geological survey site came close to being useful for water table and temps in a number of locations.

good luck with it.

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tvano, thanks for the info, I was just curious if there was a single site that had taken past temps over the years and provided an avg.

skyskier, very interesting as I didn't know Lake Anna had those warm temps. I have family that lives in Madison and Orange so that might be a very good choice for a May trip. Do you happen to know (I haven't looked yet) if there are cabins/cottages for rent on Lake Anna?

Thanks all!

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Yep, Lake Anna State Park has cabins for rent. Christopher Run Campground has cabins, trailers and rough camping. The problem is, they are both on the "cold" side. The water on the cold side is 14-16 degrees cooler. By May that really should not make a difference. Here's the rub............the "warm" side is private. You have to be a property owner (or know someone who is) to get ramp access. If you want to stay at either of those places, but want to ride on the warm side (50% less boat traffic), I can hook you up. Just PM me.

There are also homes for rent on the warm side that come with a ramp key. I would think the rent would be VERY reasonable these days.

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You may have to develop your own resource.

One of the lakes we go to has a small powerhouse at the dam. During the day it is manned. We got the phone number for the dam operator on one of our trips. I call him before we plan a trip to his lake and get the water level ASL and the water temp at the dam. Of course there is a 5 degree difference between temps at the dam and the far reaches of a couple inlets.

He seems glad to be bothered for this info.

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Here's averages for Dale Hollow I know it was 68 - 70 last year on Memorial day.

Also for Norris

Some of the fishing sites may have more information on water temp.

Edit: Add Norris link

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thanks all.

wienrdog....where did you find that. I must have been in the wrong section as I couldn't find that. THANKS!

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I've had the Dale Hollow link for a long time as we used to houseboat there the first or second week of June 7 would want to know what to expect.

Water was usually around 73-75 then & warms up pretty quickly. I found the Norris link after a quick Google search. The fishing & houseboating sites are a good resource for water temps.

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