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Which year LSV to decide


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Just wanted to start off by saying hi and introducing myself to everyone. I'm Rob, I'm 25yrs young and live in Fort Worth Texas. I just landed my career in the fire service and have been looking at Malibus for sometime now. I recently paid off my school and truck loan so I thought right now is the perfect time to buy a boat the way the resale market on used boats is looking.

Now I have been trying to decide which LSV would fit me and my wallet best. I have been looking on boattrader, onlyinboards, and several local websites to get a good idea of how much boat I can get for my buck. I will be refinancing my house and have decided 43k, but if I could spend less that's always a option too. What would you do....

04 LSV three ballast tanks, 100hrs, Illusion Tower(a must for all)...35k

06 LSV four ballast tanks, 137hrs, Manual Wedge 41.5K

06 LSV four ballast tanks, 205hrs, Power Wedge 42K

I'm wanting to know what options and changes have been made over the past years to the LSVs. From what I understand they changed the boat hull in 06 to 105", added the front ballast, and made the power wedge a option. From what I have read on the forum the extra ballast is more important than the power wedge to most, but it sounds like a nice option I think. I would just like a few other opinions should I save 7k and get a 04 or is the options on the 06 worth that extra. Hope I didn't ramble on just wanted the inside from some pros like yourself. Rockon.gif

Thanks, Rob

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go with the 06 , front tank is importent,

hours dont matter 200 is the same as 100.

if you ever want to compete in wakeboard tourneys the wedge can come in handy, makes a malibu wake close to that of a CC.

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I would go with the 06 with the power wedge, and talk them down to the same price as the other boat. The 04 has above the floor tanks and no bow ballast, and Im not sure what you mean by 105"? the 06 is 100" and it goes up to 102" in 08. We have the manual wedge and it really is no big deal to put it up and down, it actually faster!! Our buddy has the power wedge and it is nice to have the adjustment.

Good luck and have a great time in the new boat!!

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06 with manual wedge and convert the wedge to floating. Unless you like the colors on the power wedge on better. Those both look like good deals. I would pass on the 04.

Keep in mind there are a bunch of "repos" on there way down to TX from Malibu. You may want to keep in contact with a couple of dealers and see what is on its way....

I got a quote on a repo 08 VLX loaded up here that would make your jaw drop.

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I have an 04 LSV and the wish list of things I wish it had are: newer illusion tower with the stern light on top and 4 mounts, 2 per side for racks, the above floor tanks in the stern lockers eat up way to much space and I think in 2005 they went under the floor, 4 ballast tanks are really important, and finally I have the manual wedge and wish that it was a power wedge.

That being said I have update the tower on mine to a 2006 and I installed the stock midship ballast in mine that gives me an additional 500lbs and it was a noticeable improvement.

What engine choices do you have and like was stated in earlier post I am sure you can haggle on price.


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I would say pass on the the 04 also.

What are you planning to do - wakeboard, surf, etc?

What lake do you go to?

Make sure to talk to the guys at WSA (WaterSki America) - having a good dealer makes all the difference in the world and those guys are the best for sure.

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