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Malibu Common Equity for sale


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I was just on Wakeworld and was surprised to see this post. Does anyone out there have any more info? It looks to me that Black Canyon Capital LLC is in a bit of trouble and is trying to unload their Malibu shares.? Maybe all the MalibuCrew members should buy this up!!!

Or as just posted by Boat Rocks, it is just the dirt and buildings. Is there a tax break on leasing in certain US states?

Equity Sale

Edited to mention Boat Rocks comments.

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The Malibu Boat Company is not for sale, the Real Estate i.e. building lease etc. is...but, spread the rumor...irresponsible post!

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River Runner. I was not spreading rumors. My post asked a question to Clarify!!! Re read my original post, it is a question about the sale of Equity, not the comapny as a whole!!

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Missed a question mark. My bad! But the actual text inside the topic asks for clarification. I am not trying to start a rumor. If the moderators have any issues with the post thay can, by all means, pull it from the forum.

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Hopefully this will provide some clarity to your questions, This is what Malibu had to say;

"(i) Malibu Boats is not for sale. The Company is owned by its employees in partnership with long-term investors Black Canyon Capital and Horizon Holdings and no shareholder is selling their ownership.

(ii) The post refers to the sale of 2 Malibu manufacturing facilities. The facilities are leased by Malibu on a 50 year lease and are owned by Spirit Finance, a real estate investment company.

(iii) The facilities are being marketed by Spirit to interested real estate investors. Malibu's 50 year lease for use of the properties will not be affected by the sale.

(iv) Sale-leaseback transactions are a common financing technique typically available only to financially stable companies. Companies utilizing sale-leaseback financing include virtually all Fortune 500 companies.

(v) Malibu Boats remains committed to producing the best waterski and wakeboard boats on the water."

- Malibu Boats

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The wakeworld link isn't good anymore. It looks like the post has been deleted.

In that post there was a link to both the real estate transaction and a link to another site that sure looked like the private equity firm was trying to sell. Any comment from Malibu on that?

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Interesting, but not really meaningful.

As someone pointed out above, it's not that uncommon for even large companies to lease buildings instead of owning the property. By comparison Malibu is not a large, but rather a fairly small-medium size company, totaling less than 600 employees and revenues probably less than $200 million in there best years.

By comparison i know a company, with about 8,000 employees and 1.5 Billion in revenue that leases their buildings. Many reasons, including fast growing companies that aren't sure how much space they will need in a few years, companies that are interested in investing in their core products and research leading to product development instead of real estate and property management etc.

Interestingly enough sometimes long-term leases can be VERY beneficial to companies. Price-per-square-foot space that seemed UNREASONABLE 50 years ago, might be well below market value today. I was in Dublin a few months ago and Guiness, one of the most popular dark beer brands in the world, which has been operating out of the same buildings since the 1700s, doesn't own the buildings.....they are leased.

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