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05 VLX Illusion Tower knock/ Steering vibration

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I recently sold my 03' VLX and ordered and received my new 05' VLX. I love the new boat and Malibu made several improvements however I have a couple problems and was wondering if anyone else has experienced the same. I have noticed in moderate chop that the right side of my Illusion tower knocks pretty good. I had someone else drive the boat while I looked and the noise is coming from the front bolt area that connects the base of the tower to the top portion of the tower. The top portion is moving side to side causing the noise. I have since looked at other Illusion towers and notice that they fit somewhat tighter. Did Illusion change their base bracket for a reason? The second problem that I have is a vibration from the base of the steering assemble. I brought it in and they said there was a problem with the assemle that connects to the cable. The vibration is significant and somewhat loud when pulling a rider out of the hole. I have a friend with an 05' who has the same problem. Anyone else knows what gives? Thanks

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Mine has the same steering problem. Already been in once for a fix and it's still not quite right. My 03 LSV had better steering for sure.

My tower is rock solid without any vibration or noise.

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My VLX had the same exact tower knock. There are plastic bushings that are missing from the bolts in your tower. They get lost or something during shipping. My dealer fixed mine during the 20 hour service and it has not knocked since, and thats been over 100 hours ago.

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Thanks guys.. that sounds like an easy fix for the tower and I'll ask my dealer about that. When I first mentioned it to the dealer I asked him if there was a bushing and he said no. I think the service guy is rather new and just doesn't know. Thanks again.

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I had the same tower knock... Instead of wasting time towing to the dealer for repair I installed some rubber bushings myself.

I also had the steering problem and asked the dealer to look at "it". They told me it was normal for that type of helm. What a bunch of crap! I brought the boat home and lubed the steering linkage at the front (under the dash) and at the rudder mount. No more vibration.

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I have had the same knocking problem on the right side of my tower. There is also a little vibration in the steering, but nothing like you described Boarder.

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  • 2 years later...

Just bought my boat and have the exact same steering vibration when pulling a boarder out of the hole. Dealer gave me the same "its normal" answer which I think is wrong. I plan to try lubing it and we'll see what happens.

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I have that same problem with my 04 VLX , the tower knocks ... really bad in rough waters, replaced the bushing, still extremely noisy. What else can I do ? It seems like the base is loose. I tried tightening them and still the tower is loose and noisy.


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