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Routing wire from dash to bilge?


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Thought I'd ask anyone with an RLxi and a PP switch, how did you run the switch wire? I'm sick of tripping over / vacuuming around the wire which currently runs under my stereo, out from the gunnel, over the carpet to the pylon. I'd like to somehow run it along with the throttle / gear cables but would rather avoid having to remove my kick panel / sub if there's a better way. Alternative, any way to get under the floor from the starboard gunnel into the bilge area?

How have you all run wires from the engine area up to the dash?


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Not a Response, but on my Sunsetter LXi... After removing the plastic panel at the front of the bilge & the driver's side vent in the stringer, I ran fish tape from hole under dash back to the engine compartment through the hollow stringer.

With 2 people, you may be able to run the tape from the engine area to the hole where the battery cables go through the ski locker, but you still have to get it from there to the PP module & have to remove the kick panel/sub to do that... Fish tape & some patience may help with that, but you'll be in a really awkward position while working on it (upside down, head in the ski locker). Speaking from experience running the wire for the magnet sensor....

It will be difficult to get from the starboard gunnel as the floor should be filled with foam & tight against the top of the stringer. Unless you have enough wire to run all the way to the back, behind the seat by the gas tank & up by the mufflers.

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On a previous Malibu I drilled a small hole thru the floor (under the dash) into the center ski locker compartment. It was easy to then run the wires back into the engine compartment.

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Start in the engine compartment, take the access panel off to get to where the bilge pump is, you can run the wire through the ice cooler compartment up to the front ski locker, from there you can follow the access hole where the wires are run from the passenger compartment to under the dash. You should be able to reach over the kick panel and gab the wire. I have wires running this way for the engine cover drink holder LED's. I would take the kick panel off, 3-4 screw and move it off to the side and run a fish tape to bilge area and then pull the cable back. My PP module is mounted just in front of the kick panel of the left side under the dash by the way.

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I followed the throttle cable (at least I believe it was the throttle cable - boat is in storage right now) right up through the hole on the left hand side behind the driver's kick panel where all the other wires come up. To do it I removed the access panel, put a zip tie, very loosely, around that cable mentioned above, attached fish tape to the zip tie w/ the PP switch cable attach to that, and used zip tie as a guide for the fish tape. After trying other methods for what seemed like an eternity this worked within a few minutes.


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