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Malibu Boats Wikipedia


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So ive searched for it, but cant find one. So do you guys think we should start one? It looks like there was one at one point but it got deleted.

I dont know enough about the history of the boats since im a new owner, but id like to get some more info out there in one central place about all the different models and history of the company.


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So ive searched for it, but cant find one. So do you guys think we should start one? It looks like there was one at one point but it got deleted.

I dont know enough about the history of the boats since im a new owner, but id like to get some more info out there in one central place about all the different models and history of the company.


I know that stuff gets monitored pretty close and they try to stay away from brand names. You may be able to start a page on inboard ski/wake boats and name all of the major brands. I checked and there currently isn't a page for them. The closest I could find was just inboard, but that is not specific to what you mean.

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I created the page. Although the Wikipedia people are bitches these days. It used to be very simple to add content to the site, it has recently in the last few years, become much more difficult.


It will likely be removed in a day unless we add massive amounts of REFERENCED content to the page. feel free to do so...

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Calexan thank you for the help with the content.

I can see what you are adding, and it is helping the page take shape. Good idea for suggesting this, we just have to add some quality content and it will turn into an official wikipedia page that can evolve over the years.

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Yes, those bastards at Wikipedia have already deleted the page and locked it, so it is out of my control now.

It is clear that we should have a page there eventually, obviously because of the nature of the Internet and how fast Wikipedia pages get indexed by the search engines. Also you will noticed wikipedia pages generally show up at the top of the Google search ranks because they are considered trusted sources of information by the ranking algorithm.

If we got one going here for now that might be a good start. We can try Wikipedia again once we have a mountain of referenced content we can drop on them all at one time.

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I'm down for that wakegirl if you can implement it.... Its already been removed.... but heres what we had so far... I was just trying to add refrences as quick as possible.....

== '''History''' ==

Malibu was founded by CEO, Robert Alkema, and a couple of friends, in 1982.<ref>http://www.themanufacturer.com/us/profile/1764/Malibu_Boats?PHPSESSID=c88bc</ref>


== '''Models''' ==

== '''Awards and Achievements''' ==


Malibu Boats won Trailer Boats Excellence in Design Award Winner for 2009 for their Malibu Limited Edition Corvette Sport-V.<ref>http://malibuboats.blogspot.com/2008/12/malibu-boats-wins-2009-design.html</ref>

The VLX is the first and only tow boat to ever pull rider who lands a 1260.<ref>http://malibuboats.blogspot.com/2008/11/wakeworldcom-added-vlx-credit-to-1260.html</ref> Danny Harf landed the world's first ever 1260 behind Chade Sharpe's Wakesetter VLX.<ref>http://wakeworld.com/getarticle.asp?articleid=1864</ref>

== External links ==

* [http://www.malibuboats.com/ Official site]

[[Category:manufacturing companies of the United States]]

[[Category:companies based in Tennessee]]

[[Category:Boat builders]]

[[Category:Marine propulsion]]



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Yes Mastercraft and Correct Craft already have pages on Wikipedia, it's crazy that we don't. If one of the admins can help us start a wiki page on this site we can mold it and get the information together.

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I thought that your idea was great, it's just that Wiki has become difficult as you already know & having it here may just make it easier to deal with. I found the plugin, I just need to do more reading on it to see how to get it implemented & integrated. I would think that we should be able to make this happen this week.

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Well, after a little more reading it appears that what I thought that I found wasn't exactly what we're after. But after thinking about this, there isn't any reason that we can't use the resources/articles plugin that we already have in place to build this.

After looking at the wiki pages that Mastercraft & CC have, there honestly isn't that much there. So I guess my question would be, if you were to have a wiki what would you put in it? The reason that I ask that is that in our resources section, we have much, much more information than either of those pages contain. The thing that we don't have is the general historical information that those pages do contain. Let's start talking about an outline of what we want to use this for.

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I say definitely the History of the company. Hopefully we could piece this together the history. I like to know the history behind the company of something I own.

Its sad to say.... but I dont know much about Malibuand I own one. I bought it cause I liked the way one looked on the water when I saw it, so I went to the dealer and they looked like a great quality boat. Other than that, i figure it started out as a ski boat company.

I just like to have a centralized place that I can see the various things the boat has won etc.... Like I always here about how Bu is always in the top 3 for customer service but i can never find info like that in a central place. Ive come in knowing that Sharpe's boat pulled Harf for the 1260.... thats about it. I figure there is alot more unknown facts about Malibu that I dont know about. Who knows..... It just seems like we need something like that to celebrate the history of our boats and would be some fun and interesting knowledge.

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I posted a Malibu boats page a little over a year ago. It stayed up for a while - about ayear. But they claimed it was more a commercial then anything else. Everything I posted was true.

It's a nightmare to post anything there.

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Guys I didn't want to say anything until I was done, but I've been working on the page in free moments here in there in my personal sandbox.

I followed the formatting and source citation rules and guidelines to the "T" and worked with the administrators on Wikipedia to get the page up and running.

It is up there now, and we are official. It won't get removed this time as it has before, because I've cited all the sources, maintained a neutral point of view (not commerical/advertisement) and used the recommended format for the aritcle. It should be up forever and provide a base platform for us to store the history and evolution of Malibu Boats for the future.


TJ in KC.

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