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engine mount troubles

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ive done a few searches and couldnt find much info on this. So, im after some advice here please guys and gals (or point me in the direction of old threads)...

last outing on the boat we got to the last run of the day without issue and a mate of mine had a foot. going around a bend in the river the boat started vibrating slightly. nothing scary and i wasnt too worried, something had obviously come a little loose.. it was due for a service (oil etc) and we have just picked it up. The guy who services it for us (not a dealer but extremely knowledgeable guy when it comes to GM motors and boats) noticed that the 2 screws on each side of the rear engine mounts, where they screw into the top of the fibecs are loose and cant be tightened as if they are stripped. i will be ringing malibu tomorrow and taking the boat out. for all we know it could have been like this for some time. anyone had any experience with this?

cheers crew.

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I think Malibu has claimed it has never had a failure of it's Fibecs engine mount. I don't remember hearing about one on here before. I would be curious to hear what Malibu has to say about it.

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cheers guys. this isnt the first time he has seen it either. also seen it in an 06 rlxi.

today went well. we skied and had no dramas. it was 80 in the water today! brrrrrr! Biggrin.gif there were a few other little things loose also so whatever was tightened (im not sure what) has fixed the problem. i will let it cool off a bit and undo the vent. thought about doing this but thought id get a heads up.. will report back.

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well that took some effort. id take swapping the impeller on a v-drive any day... had to pry the exhaust lines out of the way enough to undo the 4 screws for the vent, after taking off the engine hatch. Reaching in there enough to get a socket wrench on the nut is very awkward to say the least, and requires scrawny hands such as mine. The front ones are no where near as bad as i ended up tightening these also. all is good . Thumbup.gif

didnt get a chance to call malibu today. i too am keen to hear what they have to say. have you had the same thing happen edwin?

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