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VLX won't start and gauges don't work, but......

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I searched as many key words as I could think of to find an easy answer to solve my problem, but couldn't find anything....

I checked the connections on the ground block, and pulled the circuit breaker panel to make sure everything was tight. (which it was) I did find a blown fuse in one of the in line fuse "pods" coming from the breaker panel going to the rocker switches on the dash. (which I thought would fix it, but did not)

when I turn the key, I don't get the gauges and the engine turns but does not start. (everything else electrical works though)

Any thoughts on what I could check of do to get it going again???

Desperate in Atlanta,

Mook Dontknow.gif

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I've forgotten if 2006 was the year without one, but if not there is a very good chance your lanyard kill switch is either off or is not depressing the button far enough to make contact.

Turn or hold in the kill switch to see if the dash lights up.

The dead dash but engine cranks is a dead give-away for the kill switch.


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Peter =genius Thumbup.gifClap.gif

That's exactly what it was! The lanyard was in place, but no matter what I did to wiggle and replace it, the plastic piece had stretched just far enough to not depress the button far enough to disengauge the kill switch...

So, my next question is how to fix this issue. I could stuff a piece of paper or plastic in there to make the lanyard work, but would then have to make sure it was there every time and would most likely end up in the same position with a strecthed lanyard clip that no longer depresses the button even with the helper.

Has anyone rewired around the kill switch to take this problem out of play? I know it is a safety precaution, but in all my years of boating, I can't remember one time that I thought how great of an idea and how lucky I was to have that lanyard and kill switch. (jetski, yes, Boat, no) .....(okay, racing boat, yes, wakeboard boat with sitting driver, no)

In fact, it has more often been the cause of frustration as reason why the boat wasn't starting, or shut down prematurely due to a pulled or tripped on lanyard.

What are the downsides to not having this safety shutoff???

Thanks for your help !


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If your switch is like the one in our 05, its a piece of junk. I've wedged the information disc in place without any problem before getting around to jumping the switch out. I believe a number of other crew members have taken the switch out of the equation too. Rewire or put in the new style that uses a toggle switch instead of a pull button.

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As an owner, you could choose to pull the spade connectors off the back of the switch, but a dealer would never say to do that.

The best solution is to simply replace it with the toggle-style kill switch, as onamission shows above, and as Malibu currently uses.


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