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Lights for Illusion X


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Has anyone put aftermarket "fog" lights on their illusion X (pics please)? I am looking at buying some PIAA lights but can't figure out how to mount them at the pre-wired spots. Do I just drill the light bracket mount holes in the forward cross member around the pre-wired provided hole?


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Hey Woody

What model PIAA lights are you looking at?

Here in AUS we cant get the Metctraft lights so I have been looking at some PIAA lights as well.

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The lights would be used for navigating through the house boat bouys, the marinia and loading the boat at night. I like the PIAA Deno LED series, but I'm not sure how bright the LED beam is.

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Just out of curiosity, have you priced the Metcraft lights? I'm after the same thing, just something to shed a little light for navigating around docks & putting the boat on the trailer after dark. Of course, I don't have the boat with the Illusion X yet, so I can't speak intelligently about how they mount at all (okay there's a softball for you guys if I ever wrote one ;)).

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I looked lightly at doing something like that, but eventually broke down and got 4 metcraft lights.

They kit is completely ready, and lights fit in pre-made holes great. They are very snug.

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Pics please!

vlx05 - GRE here in NSW have got 6 Metcraft lights for the boat show. They dont have a price for me yet. I expect them to be pricey.

Woody - I got a price on the PIAA 1100X PLATINUM series. Here in AUS they are $650 pr. Looks like I dont want lights that bad after all.

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ok guros heres what has happened i bought the lights through the dealer he had never put any on so i took them after they put in the keepers . now how due i wire them up if you hook them up with the factory wire it popped the breakers so due i

1 need a reducer of some kind

2 use a constenteen switch (like on a ford starter)

3 did the factory pre wire with all 8 lights in mind?

any help would be greatly appreciated :unsure:

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