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short story but a sweet ending. Last tuesday morning got off work at the tualatin fire station. Went skiing for early morning sets with tons of crap, sticks etc in the willammette. skiing great- glassy etc. skiied until 0900 ama nd dropped my buddy off at the dock so he could go back to work. everything is still great. anchored the boat off the shore and took a 2 hr nap or so until the phone rang with the wife and kid. pulled them wakeboarding and tubing until 3:30. let me tell you we were leaving for shasta in the morning.

last run on the tube and then bang. a loud one. vibration felt and noted. stopped and took off again slowly and yup still vibration there. put the goggles on and swam underneath; prop smooth, shaft appeeared straight, rudder fine. still called my man joe up the street in wilsonville and said leave me a prop just in case. limped back to the ramp and pulled the boat out and out of most peoples way. inspected the boat and then I looked under the boat and thought my trailer has no cross member in front of the skags that I remember. took a closer look and there was a .......... 2x6 stuck about 2iinches onto my front fin fo the bottom 3. yes now it was wedged under the boat, on the skags and the stinkin wood which was from some idiots pressure treated dock that included nails was stuck to the bottom of my boat. If I find a dock missing a 36" piece of pressure treated wood you better not answer your door. I calmly asked if people minded if I backed the boat back down the float it off the trailer because I had a 2x6 stuck to my boat. do I have to say what kind of looks i got. like sure nice try to get ahead of us at the ramp. Never mind I have already been skiing 8 hrs off and on.

So I had the wife back the boat down so it would float off the trailer. put the goggles on and yanked and yanked and yanked and finally I could pull the piece off the fin. The fiin had only gone 2 inches through the wet pressure treated piece of ..... Took the boat back for a quick spin and everything was great. next week at shasta epic.

i had just gone under the I-5 bridge heading down river and had just come back up the same way 2 minutes earlier. I knew something was messed up when nothing came up after the bang. Note to self. if you hit something and it does not come up after you chew it up, check the fins because something could be stuck there. To all have safe and great days on the river. Hope to see you all. Blake

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Hijack on:

I have a friend that was Skyskiing and all of the sudden he had a lot more drag than normal. He let go and checked the foil portion of the skyski. There was a turtle almost cut into, stuck on his strut. Sorta messed up the hydrodynamnics of the foil underwater.

Hijack off:

BTW...Glad every thing was OK and you can make the trip.

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i'll repost my reply from the "other" forum you posted to:

great story, especially about the "idiot" with a dock who lost a 36" piece of wood. do you think all dock owners can go out and look daily to see if a piece of wood "fell" off their dock, then track it down if it did? maybe all us "idiot" dock owners should religiously sit on our docks ALL day, and check its structural integrity. And when other peoples boat wakes come by and loosen our boards on our docks, we can hammer them back in right away. oh, and if we loose a piece, we will send out a search and rescue team to find that one piece.

j/k, but seriously, can you really call someone an idiot for a stray 2 X 6 (good thing you don't ski on our river, they use 3 x 10 for construction), and how do you know it came from a dock?

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i did add j/k at the end...

he was calling out all dock owners, and he even admitted ahead of time (and on another thread about junk in the river) that the river was particularly dirty. so why assume a single floating 36" piece of wood is from an "idiot" dock owner?

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I have been in some bodies of water that the "dock owners" should have been held accountable for their dock dropping more floaters in the water than a toilet bowl.

As far as repairs, do like a friend does, after a good storm, flood, etc. he takes a ride in the boat, picks up loose boards and replaces the one missing on his dock.

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I love hearing stories about the good old willamette :lol: I am glad that everything turned out okay with your boat! I can't believe that it got stuck on your boat, thats just crazy.

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holly cow, a venting dock owner sounds like he is more worked up than anyone else. like i mentioned in the "other" forum, you would have had to see the whole scene. It happened just east of the I-5 bride about 100 yds down on the river right side. just passed the charboneau boat docks. boat dock owners, all us river users, campers should pick their crap up so we all dont have to deal with it. some of our rivers are the size of rhode island and they tend to pick up floaty friends. best of luck on the water

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