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boat rained on


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So here's my rant for the day. I dropped my malibu off at a dealer last week for some work. All was fine, really nice people, communication was excellent. I went to pickup my boat and low and be hold I'm told it was left out in the rain for a little bit and it's drying off inside. So I'm a little pissed, but hey it's only rain.

I go and take a look and the thing is just soaking wet. Fortunately I had about a dozen towels in the car so I start drying the thing off, but common!!

What I don't get is that there was ample room inside to store it so why it was outside beats me. Nevertheless, I wasn't very impressed anymore with this dealer.

The thing thing is, this boat is in almost mint condition for a 10 year old boat. Even the mechanic with 25 years experienced made mention of how nice it looks.

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I hear you brother. I dropped off my brand new 08 for some work and it was left in the rain by some door knob. Things do happen and the service manager had someone out to my boat the next day to clean it up. I was bummed the tie off lines in the boat were so wet you could ring the water off them. Nevertheless they made good and cleaned the boat up. I calmed down and realized that I am complaining that the inside of my boat got wet. Poor me Cry.gif , there are other people out there that wished that was their problem of the day. I still agree people should treat other peoples property with respect, and in the end the dealer did the right thing.

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I took mine to get winterized and shrink wrapped. They asked me to take my travel tarp off to save thier service person some time (29 seconds I guess) and then when I just happened to drive past their location 1 week later my boat is sitting outside uncovered and not yet wrapped. I started to bleed from my eyes. They said that a little rain never hurt a boat! I didn't say anything for about 20 seconds, just staring at the guy...then he apologized and said it would sit inside for a few days until it was totally dry before it got wrapped. It's hard to know what to think, but I just wanted to let you know that I have a good idea how you feel.

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Whenever I have taken my boat in, the dealer asks for us to leave the cover on.

My shop does not have much indoor space and most boats are kept outside.

But they do a great job washing and wiping down the boat before you pick it up. Biggrin.gif

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