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MLS pump

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Ok, I went out today and my ballast kept filling up and the pump wasn't on. I disconnected the wire to the fill pump and it still filled. So all day I kept having to drain it. Why is this happening? Oh yeah its a 1999 sunsetter. Also, where do I find a replacement pump?

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I added a vented loop but when I sacked out for surfing my non-surf side MLS was filling still. I put in a ball valve on each fill pump between the pump and the tank.

On my '06 the rears share an intake. There was an intake, then a T and then a fill pump. When the boat was really weighted it would push water into the empty one, so for $20ish it was fixed. 2 ball valves, a couple of fittings and some hose clamps and we're back in service. Most of the time I leave the valves open, but when surfing I close the non-surf side that I want totally empty.

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If you follow the original factory routing of the fill line, you should find that it runs up on the inside wall of the area behind the driver's feet. There should be a loop there on the left hand side. You want to put the vented loop at the highest point in that line, which would be the top of that loop.

BTW, I just installed this before my last trip out and I didn't get the lines to seal well because the ends on the vent are not a barbed fitting so, it made a complete mess of water dripping all day for 2 days.

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that's why I carry hose clamps, electrical and duct tape all the time. You'd be amazed at how well electrical tape stops a leaky hose! just get two good layers really tight and it will usually stop a leak - our old boat/ballast had this on it for 2 years and it never leaked because I was too lazy to go back and fix it. It was hard to get at and I just didn't feel like skinning my knuckles again trying to get the hose back off of the barb.

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Ok, I traced my ballast lines and it goies from the intake to the pump. Then straight into the ski locker. Mine does not go into the foot area like you said yours does. Any suggestions???

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What I'm really tempted to do is install a shut off valve after the intake and before the pump like a lot of people have done with their custom ballast systems. This would totally eliminate the self draining and filling problem. Only draw back is you'd have to reach into the ski locker to turn the valve on or off.

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