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Private Wakeboard Lake Dimensions


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Since so many people are now wakeboarding and wakesurfing, I was wondering if anyone has thought about building wakeboard or wakesurfing dedicated lake and if so what the required dimensions would be. Don't get me wrong, I can no where near afford this but I was wasting time surfing online this weekend and couldn't find any info so I thought I would ask the crew.

I have seen a lot of info on "nominal" and "luxury" dimensions for slalom and barefooting lakes (probably all referencing the same Waterski Magazine article) but I was wondering what would be "nominal" and "luxury" for a wakeboard dedicated private lake and if Wakesurfing would even be considered since turning around isn't really an option.


Nominal: 2150 ft x 225 ft x 8 ft

Luxury: 2400 ft x 175 ft x 8 ft


Nominal: 2150 ft x 150 ft x 8 ft

Luxury: 2600 ft x 100 ft x 8 ft







Also, while we are dreaming, any thoughts on dimensions at the ends for double ups?

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there are a few wakeboard lakes already. To name one Villa Lagos. Ive yet to ski at a private man made ski specific lake that is 8ft deep. Most are 4-6ft. Some even less.

An ideal wakeboard lake would be about 12ft deep, although 8ft would probably be okay. The longer the better , so 2600 would be really good. Weighted boats take much longer too get up to speed than slalom boats. Most good riders are riding at 85-90 ft so a wide lake at about 300+ would be ideal. That would also leave room for sliders and kickers. If i were to build one I would even include a notch out for winching.

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I think you probably need at least 12 feet deep for wakesurfing. We've noticed that the wake really shrinks in anything less than 10 feet or so. I'm not sure about Matt's comment regarding turning and wakesurfing. You only need to turn at the end of the run like you would for wakeboarding or slalom. Also, since you're going much slower for wake surfing, I bet the dimensions could be identical to wakeboarding.

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