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Prop on Sportster


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I am looking for a spare prop for my 2003 Sportster LX with Monsoon. It currently has a AMCE 13x12. I have heard good things about the OJ props. Does anyone have a recomendation and where to get one? What should I pay for a new prop? Also, what is the .080-.100 after the size. Also, which direction rotation do I need?

I saw an OJ 13x13 4 blade RH for sale for $350 is that a good prop/price?

I will use the boat mostly for watersking, and pulling the kids in a tube. Looking for a decent top end, yet enough to pull me out of the water on ski's. I am 5'9" 200lbs. I would like to try and wakeboard eventually, I know the sporty isn't the best for that.

Any help would be appreciated.


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The .080 is the cup. More cup brings the RPM down. 13x12 is a very good overall prop for that boat. If you want more top end you may get it with a 13x12.625. This will also bring your RPM down at ski speed and may be a bit luggy for holding a wakeboard speed. You need LH rotation and you want a CNC prop.

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I saw an OJ 13x13 4 blade RH for sale for $350 is that a good prop/price?

No, that's not a good price (unless it's brand new), besides that, wrong rotation. You need L/H. You can get a brand new CNC'd OJ for about that much.

My Sporty came with a 13 X 14 OJ Legend (cast) 4-Blade. It's now my spare and we put it on when we 're going out to barefoot, particularly if some of my larger barefoot buddies are going. I switched to a 13 X 12 OJ XMP Edge (CNC'd) 3 Blade from Skier-To-Skier. Better holeshot than the Legend, better speed holding capabilities, a little bit softer wake, and only gave up about 2.5-3 mph off the top end (49.6 is my top speed with the new prop on, nothing in tow). We mainly slalom but also board, skate, foot, and even tube (but only if the water really sux and we're too tired for anything else).

I don't remember where you're located but if you're anywhere near the Sierra Foothills (north of Sacramento)...come on up and I'll take you for a spin in my Sporty so you can feel the pull. Biggrin.gif

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If only you knew someone who could drive it without the wading-pool effect. . .

That was 3 years ago...get over it. Crazy.gif Besides Grampa Jack, shouldn't you be in traction or something?

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Just bought it, and weather is cold out here. Just trying to get prepared for next year. I wish I was near Cali, but I am near Chicago.

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