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Perfect Pass


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Apparently a number of you use PP for wakesurfing. Up to this point I have not because when we tried, it would always cut out and never seemed to work. I am curious as to how you are setting up PP for surfing. Is it in the speed mode or RPM mode? Any idea what the Kdh(?) settings are on your boat? Thanks.

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We're still using the factory settings on MPH mode. Are you getting a dead spot while you are throttling up? It's pretty common to get that around 4-6 MPH, just throttle on through it. We run at 10.5 to 11 mph.

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We are also in mph mode and run 9.5 - 10.5 mph - no problem. I adjusted the nn and kdh settings if that's what they're called but I can't remember where I set them.

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Yes, I am seeing that dead spot. When we see it varies depending on what the target speed is. For example, if the target is 20 mph, the dead spot shows up around 12 to 14 mph, but if the target is 13, it shows up at 6 or 7 mph. Not too concerned about that though, I just can't seem to get PP to hold speed at 9 to 11 mph. I have tried the RPM mode once without success so I will give it a shot in the speed mode.

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I run in RPM mode for both Wakesurfing and Wakeboarding. I have found it to be more accurate and have less fluctuation when crossing rollers/wakes.

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Next time you're on the water call the guys at PP. They are great and will walk you through it.

They've helped me on the water a few times.


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I run in RPM mode for both Wakesurfing and Wakeboarding.  I have found it to be more accurate and have less fluctuation when crossing rollers/wakes.

Will it allow you to do that for wakesurfing? I didn't think it would go that low in rpm mode.

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What would be nice is those that remember post the model boat and the weight, factory + VAB & Sacs + Crew = ideal kdh for both boarding & surfing both heavy weight sports.

Then those of us can model/copy those values to find the right combo. Does anyone remember what their non-factory kdh is set to and do you alter as you weigh more for surfing? Factory is 80 right?

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I run 8.8 MPH in Wakeboard MPH mode (9.5 on the GPS, just haven't recalibrated PP for that speed). RPM mode will not work for me at that speed. Wasn't sure if that was a feature or a bug, or just a problem with my PP. My buddy's runs just fine in RPM mode at that speed.

Also, the dead spot has been getting more annoying.. Maybe because we are doing more wakeboarding than we use to as I don't ever remember seeing that when slaloming.


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