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Boats - Has anyone sold one recently?


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It seems like there are a lot of very nice used, and even new, boats out there for very good prices right now. I have my iRide for sale at a price that I know is probably a bit optimistic. I'm wondering if this seems to be about normal for this time of year, or is this situation compounded by the economy and boats are just plain not moving right now?

The reason I ask, is I'm wondering how much I would have to drop my price to generate some interest in an actual sale? My logic is that since, I'm selling a lower priced boat and trying to move into a higher priced boat, would it be beneficial for me to dump my boat now, because my loss would be offset by an even bigger savings I might reap on next, more expensive boat.

But, has anyone even been able to sell a used boat right now at what you think was a fair price? Or does it take fire sale pricing right now and I should just hold off until the spring?


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I also have a 2006 iRide (and wouldn't mind a VTX), so I hope you can get what you're currently asking in your "for sale" ad. I can't believe you only have 55 hours. We just tipped 200 on ours.

Have you checked what the dealer would give you in trade? There are two reasons:

1. The iRide isn't available anymore and I'm pretty sure it was a good seller, especially in the Michigan area (where you and I are). This particular model may become more desireable.

2. I'm not sure of how their floor planning works, but I do know they need to order a certain number of boats, sold or not. So they may be willing to give you more than you think given the fact that they need to order boats and your model may be something a customer would want.

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Yes and no, I've got rough pricing from a couple of dealers, but haven't been willing to pull the boat and bring it to a dealer yet for a firm trade-in price. I probably will do that in a couple of weeks. I'd also like a new VTX, but may have to go used in order to lessen the difference in price between mine and new. Therefore, a private sale would let me keep my options open.

I'd like to think that any Malibu with only 50 hours priced in the low $30's would be desirable, but it hasn't proven to be true yet.


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I was able to sell a boat in May at the price I was asking for. Granted, it was a $28K boat and not a $40-50K boat. The buyer was from Canada and they drove 18 hours straight to pick it up. Based on the crappy $ value, they could buy quite a bit more boat here in the States. I consider myself very fortunate to have sold it for my price before the economy worsened and discretionery income got even tighter. I haven't replaced it yet for several reasons but I watch here and also WW for sale ads regularly and I have to agree that boat prices have dropped and don't seem to be moving much. There are a lot of smoking deals out there. I think any boat will move for the right price but I'm not sure a lot of sellers want to get down to that right price. Good luck.

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I sold my SLXI in July, it took six months to sell it. The market is probably going to remain in this state until 2010. All the home builders are saying 2010 would be the earliest they would start. So it may take even longer for the recreational vehicle arena to come back once the market stabilizes.

So yes you’ll need to just take it in the shorts most likely to sell it, conversely the price on new boats is less as well. With the market as volatile as it is I think it makes more sense to keep your current boat rather than take on more debt.

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It is tough to sell right now with the season winding down. In May, a buyer can head to lake all summer. In Sept-Oct. a buyer is most likely going to be making payments all winter on somethign they cannot use. When we bought our boat this year we started looking in Oct. because I knew that would be the best deals, we did not find our boat until January and took delivery in Feb. We got out in April and that was the longest 2 months of my life pulling into the garage everyday and seeing our new toy collecting dust.

In my opinion they really have to be priced to sell, right now, with season ending and economy the way it is. Take the boat in and get a true trade in value as some dealers are desperate to move out 08s.

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