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What are your thoughts on the 2000 LSV Escape


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:thankyou: Hi all I am about to purchase my first inboard and have found what I think is a deal on a 23LSV Escape. 167 hours dealer maintained all service records no damage perfect interior Dealer added a tower, Tower speakers, shower 3 ballast tanks 2 hard tanks in rear and a bag in front all hard plumbed at the dealership.....  Dealer has it on consignment.  What is a deal on this boat?  Are there any know issues that you guys know of ?  Is this a boat that will hold its value or is it a blast from the past that just needs to fade away.  I thought I would ask the experts!  This is my first post  and thank you for your input I look forward to learning from you guys and hopefully one day be able to add a little value to the group myself.  :thankyou::thankyou:
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This place has been a great help to me. So I hope this helps.

I purchased a 2000 Wakesetter LSV about 5 months ago. It had 130 hrs on it but was used as a party boat, the rear pylon was machined out and a stripper pole was added, so the interior shows some use and the lettering was removed from the sides, assume to try to clean up the outside. (The boat you are looking at sounds like it is in better shape then that. I will say that I love the boat. It has the center sack and wedge but no rear tanks yet. (I am adding them over the winter.)

As far as problems, I found that I had to add a vented loop to keep it from auto filling. (this seems to be a common known issues and an easy fix.) I also ran into the MMDC going out. It is the little computer that runs the gauges. Once replaced, it is running great. Other thing that I did not expect is how rough it rides for a big boat. It is much smoother when the center sack is full.

With the wedge down and the center sack full it puts up a nice wake. Nothing like the fully weighted boats a lot of guys are running, but my last boat was a 1991 sunsetter with 350 lbs on each side of the engine box, so no complaints here. When I get better at boarding I will add more weight, and I have read that I am going to have to weight it down a lot to surf but I will be trying that next summer.

What I enjoy the most is the room it has for family, friends, and storage.

As far as a deal, I paid just under NADA average at the time with no options selected. I think I did good, but it sounds like the one you are looking at is in a little better shape.

Again I love the boat and could not be happier.

Hope this helped.

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Mine sounds as if it may be the same boat that you are looking at. However, mine has many, many, many more hours. I added tower and stereo and sacs and upgraded the graphics on the sides. W/O know you would think that it is a 04 or 05. Meticulously cared for and maintained. I haven't had any problems whatsoever and it puts out a great wake (I think). We use it to surf and board and even the occasional slalom run and love this boat. Wouldn't hesitate to buy one again!


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I've got the 2001 Sunscape 23 LSV, which is the same boat. I plumbed in the ballast myself, so you've got a headstart there. In those years, the Wakesetter and the Sunscape were the same boat, with the difference being some of the options available, like ballast, etc.

It will throw a great surf wake and a good wakeboarding wake with proper weighting. These boats need a ton of weight up front, so go ahead and buy a triangle bow sac ASAP, if you want to surf. I haven't tried slaloming behind mine, but from what I understand the hull is designed to come out of the water at higher speeds, thus providing a smaller wake. So, it's probably a better crossover boat than the later Wakesetters.

I'm not sure what the going rate is right now, and it largely depends on your area. I would guess somewhere between 30K and 35K. The value will hold very well. We're on our third summer, and I think I could probably sell ours for what we bought it for, judging from the boats for sale that we see in the area. Until those newer wake hulls with the illusion towers come down below $35K, I think ours will hold up well.

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We all have "ownership goggles", loving what we own, but I own that same boat, and would not hesitate to buy it again. I had a VLX before that, have numerous friends with Supras, Moomba '23s, Newer hulled '23 LSVs and others and I enjoy my Escape. It has a good Boarding wake, we make it have an awsome Surf wake, Its roomy, looks good. I would say if it is a good price, is in good shape and is the color you like, I would go for it. Rockon.gif

There is one for sale locally, a nice boat, but doesn't sound as loaded as the one you are talking about, and looks kind of dated due to the tuna tower and the colors. The owner is willing to let it go for what he owes, which is a tad under $25,000. I would think a nice one with good colors, curb appeal, good condition should be at least a 30k boat. But keep in mind, it is the end of the season and the economy has tanked, so don't be afraid to offend the seller with a lower offer, especially if he works on Wall Street. Whistling.gif

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