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Sportster questions


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Can someone help me out here. I'm considering a Sportster Lx and am wondering if the only storage on those boats is under and front seat and behind it. Is there any in the back or under the front bow seats? I notice this boat is the same length as the response with a trunk, does that mean there is more rear leg room in the Sportster? How much more free board is there with the Response? The Sportster looks like it sits pretty low in the water. If you get water in the front bow area does it drain somewhere to the bilge or do you have to bail it out. Thanks

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Topic discussed recently in this thread.

Admins - is something not working with the search engine today on multi word searches? I tried to search on 'sportster storage' and didn't get any hits (first post of the above thread has both words). Tried a couple variants of the search (i.e. sportster storage, +sportster +storage), but to no avail. I thought I had done multi word searches in the past, but maybe I am remembering wrong?

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I have a 2000 Sportster LX. The storage under the front seat to used for my fire extinguisher and one bumper. Under the front or behind the front seat is the battery, safety box, anchor, ropes and a few seat cushions (my wife needs these when she is driving). The rear seat is 2" off the floor and the stern light is clipped under there. We own a Lake House so our storage needs are minimal and durations on the water are short, the wake boards go on the tower rack and the skis just lay behind the driver between the engine cover and the inside of the boat. My front bow doesn't drain and was not engineered to. The sportster is a low boat in the water, when I have a few people using the bow seats (either kids or teenagers) and my skier or wakeboarder falls, you have to be very careful not to take on your own wake water. I almost never take on water anymore. When I do take on water I have my son bail it out with a cup and then use a sponge to dry it up. I got my boat for a good price so the storage and the front area not draining doesn't take away from my Sportster. Ohiobu

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How much more free board is there with the Response?

Can't give you a measurement, but it is noticeable. When my wife and I sat in both boats, she said 'no way' to the Sporty--our son was 4 mos. at the time. Worked out ok, I got to order the RLX. :)

Jerry, multi-word search is currently out in favor of 3 letter words. Can have only one or the other, IIRC. Someone pointed out to use google, advanced, and put themaliubcrew.com at the bottom of the form (domain?). Works pretty darn well. Thumbup.gif Here's the post I'm referring to.

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Thanks, buddy. On the plus side, we can now search for things like hds, oil, and rpm, etc. The downside is that we can't search for +Michael +being +idiotic. Hhhmmmm. . .now that I think about it. . .you'd get nearly identical results just by searching 'Michael.'


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Thanks for the feedback. My wife is a little concerned she is going to feel like she is in a little tin boat instead of a Malibu. We currently have a 17' Bowrider IO that works pretty well. The current boat doesn't work that good for carrying wakeboards, skis, people and then the musical seat dance starts in the boat with riders switching boards or the activity. I'm trying to stay within a reasonable budget and get a Malibu that satisfies the family need and my mid life crisis for a powerful boat. Usually only 4 in the boat so I'm not looking for a 10 seater.

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They are a great boat, and nicely trimmed out - I doubt she will feel like it is a "tin boat". That said, if you are used to the freeboard of your 17' I/O, it is gonna feel like a skateboard... with a big-a$$ 310hp V8! (Insert Tim Allen grunts here) :)

Seriously though, I suspect you will feel like you've got a lot more room to move about. And if you get one with a tower on it, you can store your skis and wakeboards on there, and you will come out ahead. Biggest question is how big (or little) are your kids? That low freeboard can be a bit intimidating if you've got little ones.

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I don't care what Michael says, you are worth a [email protected]


Thanks...now that I think about it. . .you'd get nearly identical results just by searching 'Michael.'

Gee Jack, you're getting kind of cranky. I guess slalom sets aren't the only thing you're not getting lately. Whistling.gif Sux 2 b u :lol:

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