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Fuel pump problems?

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I have a 99 Malibu response with fuel injection. We took it out for a few days this week and it ran fine at first, but it eventually began to hesitate, like it wasn’t getting enough fuel. It idles fine and if you disengage the propeller and rev the engine it sounds great, but if you put any kind of stress on the engine, like trying to pull up a skier, it starts to hesitate repeatedly. If we ran it for too long it eventually would just die. When we let it sit for awhile it would start to work again, and then eventually have the same problems. I thought for sure it was the fuel filter or fuel pump, but it also backfired a couple of times when trying to pull up a skier. Could it be a timing issue? Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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I've had a similar issue with my 91 Euro F3 skier with the 260 HP carbureted motor. It's only happened 6-7 times but it does exactly what you're saying. Its running perfectly fine and them all of a sudden when I am pulling someone or just driving around it starts hesitating like its out of fuel. I have been able to recover if I put it in neutral and pump the gas, but most of the time it dies. I start it right back up and its like nothings wrong, it'll run great for another 2-3 hrs. I just changed the fuel filter and water seperator a month ago.

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While you're doing the fuel filter and screen as Jack said also replace your cap, rotor, spark plugs, and even your plug wires if its time for a new set. If you don't want to go that far at least pull the cap and see what shape the contacts are in. They are all probably horribly corroided and could easily be the cause of your problem.


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There are a few things that could be causing your problem. If the engine is idling ok and you can run the RPMs up with out load on the engine then it sounds like you have a timing issue. You mentioned that when you try and pull up a skier and put the engine under load it hesitates and backfires. That indicates an issue with the timing. Specifically with the advance of the spark. I did not see what type of engine you had in the boat, so I can comment exactly on the ignition set up you have. However, there should be an ignition control module either in the distriutor or connected to it. Make sure the connections to the ignition control module are good and there is no corrosion. The ignition control modules are also typically connected to a vacuum sensor on the manifold. The change in manifold vacuum is measured and used to advance or retard the spark timing based on the engine speed / load. Make sure the vacuum sensor connector is not loose / corroded and that the sensor is working. If that all checks out then you need to dig deeper in to the fuel system. Ie: Make sure you have good fuel pressure, no water in the fuel lines / tank, and lastly make sure the fuel injectors are not clogging.

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