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2005 LXi tough to start after sitting for an hour

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I have a 2005 Response LXi with the base engine. I had a problem starting it twice this year - both times after running it for a while, then letting it sit for a an hour (maybe 2). It barely starts, and won’t let me give it any gas. Its like my old boat when the impeller died and the boat was way overheated.

The first time was at someone's house and we just fussed around and it eventually ran. We guessed either bad gas from the winter, or something with the leak in the heater core causing steam to fake and overheat situation. That was in April, and it happened again this weekend.

This time I ran the hot water shower until the block was drained, then let it sit for a few minutes, then it started fine.

Does anyone have any ideas on this? I start an stop it all the time when skiing. The impeller is fine too. My best guess is a bad sensor, but that would be a guess.


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Open the engine box while it is sitting and let the heat out. Vapor lock is a possible scenario. The insulated motor boxes really hold the heat and when the engine is off, there is no fresh water cooling it so the heat builds.

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I suspect vapor lock also. I had this happen to me again this past weekend. We had motored to our usual hang out spot which was about a thirty minutes from where we launched. We were there for about 45 minutes and then BillFooter and I decided to make some footing runs. The engine started fine but just as you describe, it would not want to rev up when placed in gear or when I tried to rev the engine while the tranny was disengaged using the knob in front of the throttle handle, it just was sputtering in idle. We lifted the motor box cover (which does not have any extra insulation or sound damping material) and BillFooter felt the fuel pump on the port side of the engine and it was quite hot. We splashed some lake water on it and then it started and ran just fine the rest of the afternoon although I ran the blower fan more than usual. It cured the problem instantly. I guess I know what to do next time this occurs.

The weather was about 85 degrees at the time. I was somewhat suprised this happened to me this past weeked again. I occured previously at the end of July when it was 103 degrees outside. It did not occur any last summer.

I guess the quality of the gas could also be a culprit.

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Vapor Lock for sure. I have a 2005 RLXI....did the same thing a couple times. Best solution is wet a towel with lake water then ring it out. Wrap the damp towel around the lower part of the fuel pump for a few minutes. That should fix it. Also, if you stop after running for a while, run the blower for a few minutes while you're stopped. This will clear some of the heat from the motor box.

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Thanks guys. I don't use the blower enough. It saves on how often you need to replace the blower. I'll use it more often and try the wet towel if it happens again. Chris

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Another simple fix is to take the cupholders out of the rear of the engine box. I also saw someone here who put mesh bottoms on the cupholders to allow air to move. This is a great way to get some of that heat out of the box and still have cupholders if you want them. Plus, the screens keep things from falling into the engine box.

Edwin added a nice grille to the side of the engine box on his SLX a few years ago.

The blower is an option, but remember the more air you can get in/out of the box the better.

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