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Bad vibration. Need help diagnosing please

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So we were out wakeboarding this moring and I noticed the vdrive oil light kicked on. Oil was a little low so we idled back to the dock and bought some oil from down the street. Put it in and light went off as soon as we put it in gear.

Idled out of the 5mph zone and planed out and noticed a bad vibration. I tried faster and slower speeds and it would get worse at higher speeds. Stoped the boat to make sure we didn't have anything dragging on the proper or rudder or anything. Planed out again and if anything the vibration was worse.

Got the boat on the trailer (sitting in water) and idled forward and in reverse. Reverse I noticed a tapping sound so I figured the vdrive was shot but when I looked at it I noticed that the prop shaft was moving really out of round. Watching it for a minute I noticed that the vdrive side of the coupling looked normal but the shaft side was definitely out of round. Where the shaft entered the packing it was really moving out of round.

Any tips or tricks to help me diagnose what the problem is? My first thought was a bent shaft somehow? If I could somehow get the parts to me I'd work all night to fix it if I had too.


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So I was under inspecting the rotation of the prop and noticed quite a bit of play when moving it back and forth. This led to the discovery that of the 4 bolts coupling the shaft to the Vdrive unit, 1 one totally misssing, 1 was missing the nut and was about to fall out of the coupling.

So my new question is what I need to do the bolt this back together. While researching shafts on here I came accross references to aligning the shaft which on the vdrive I believe is done with the same coupling that is missing bolts. How do I properly align this so I can bolt it back together and get back out on the water. Most important is if this requires any special guages tell me now in the slim hope I can find it before someplace closes.


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Most important is if this requires any special guages tell me now in the slim hope I can find it before someplace closes.

.003 Feeler Gauge (IIRC)

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Final update:

Everying bolted back together fine. Just got back from the water. After a bit of testdriving everyone got some more wakeboard sets in.


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