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Replacement Hyperlite State board


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I just spent a week on a houseboat and started seeing blue stains on my upholstery again. This is the same problem I had a couple of months ago. Hyperlite replaced my board with a new one and now it is bleeding as well.

I have just e-mailed Herb O'Brian & Joe Sassenrath at HO/Hyperlite, I will let you know how it all turns out.


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denjoe - not good news, I just had the same problem and referenced your first round with HL LINK

Can you tell me what your Job date and QA date where? The sticker attached to the board that identifies it bake time-frame. Possibly I can see if I have trouble lurking again soon. Mad.gif

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Ugh!! not again!! try liquid force?

Ever had a problem with your Malibu? Just get a refund and buy a Moomba.

Seriously, you buy the product and have expectations. When they aren't met, you expect to get great cust Service, which you will. Go buy an LF and when something happens, good luck to ya! HL has the best CS in the industry.

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Nice analogy, but I would hardly compare HL/LF to Malibu/Moomba, lol.

I've owned two HL boards, and currently have a LF substance, and it rocks.

The guy has gotten two bad boards and been through lots of trouble, it's not unreasonable to maybe try something else.

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Yes, a miner stain on the original upholstery. I still haven't had it changed out, but Malibu stuck with their end of the deal. I have 3 huge boxes with brand new upholstery sitting in my office. I was waiting to swap it out until the end of the season. I will get the date & lot number for everyone to reference. I left a message for the President and head of western regional sales on Monday, no return message yet.

But, as a test for all of you, take a wet towel (white is the best to check) and just rub it along the bottom of the board. When I do that I get a greenish blue stain on the towel.

So, needless to say I will not be bringing my wakeboard on anyone elses boat until I have a replacement, and I will not except another State board. I want a different model.


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Ugh!! not again!! try liquid force?

Ever had a problem with your Malibu? Just get a refund and buy a Moomba.

apples and oranges

Possibly, but his other analogy was spot on. LF can't touch HL when it comes to cs. They'll make this right.

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Buy a MC, buy a Nautique. Who cares what the boat is. If you turned your back on a manufacturer because you had more than one issue with their product, we would have run out of boat manufacturers to choose from years ago.

I would compare LF to moomba. First Moomba isn't as bad as their rep. They make good boats. Second LF's customer Service is absolutely terrible. From an insiders view they are horrible to work with unless you know a rep and their boards break and delam a lot more frequently then anyone else.

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The less a product costs, the quicker a 'buy back' occurs in lieu of an exchange. 2 strikes on a board may be enough for some (would be for me) but not for a boat. I would want a buy back if my new boat qualified as a lemon.

I'm not knocking HL or its CS, I stated in the adjacent thread that I had a friends State bleed blue on my new VLX the first day I had it on the water. They got me my cleaning solution the next day and my buddy a new board overnight, no questions asked. Excellent CS even though I wasn't a customer.

I really didn't know that HL v LF equates to Bu v Moomba. That's a wide gap IMO.

I think they may want to test their boards individually that are sent out as replacements.

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I have tried to follow most of this thread and a couple of the other threads on this but I am sorry if I missed something. Here's my deal:

I rented a HL Premier last weekend that left a stain on my seats. I tried a couple of different cleaners with not much luck. I kinda forgot about it until I started reading this again.

So the issue I have is that me and my buddy are getting ready to buy two or maybe even three new boards. Should we wait until the '06's come out? My demo credit with the board shop will expire by then. Does the problem only affect certain board models? Maybe I should call HL before buying anything...

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So the issue I have is that me and my buddy are getting ready to buy two or maybe even three new boards.  Should we wait until the '06's come out?  My demo credit with the board shop will expire by then.  Does the problem only affect certain board models?  Maybe I should call HL before buying anything...

I wouldn't worry about it - but I also don't recomment leaving anything with print out in the sun, on the vinyl... I've seen lots of stuff transfer... boards, ice bags, pvc pipe ink.. etc..

The vinyl gets hot - don't leave stuff on it No.gif

With that said there have been some issues with boards bleading, but that level of bleeding, where it continues to transfer from other stuff (not just a mark left on the vinyl where it was sitting) isn't real common

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