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Rubber Swim Platform = Black Foot Prints

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Hey Crew,

I have a black rubber swim platform. Whenever anyone steps from the black rubber swim platform onto my white sun deck they leave black foot prints. I've trying washing the deck because I thought it may be from the exhaust but to no avail. Is the rubber itself deteriating. Does anyone else have this problem? How did you solve it?

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Not salting up another teak thread, but that is one of the primary reasons I switched to Teak. That and the fact that my FG platform is flawless and so am going to toss back on the boat for resale later on down the road.

They claim, too, that if you scrub the black rubber with a bristle brush and DAWN or something like that...it helps significantly. Seems like Malibu has had problems with the black platform rubber throughout MANY years. I think the problem stems from the rubber drying out a bit and creating this "layer" that readily comes off and transfers to the boat. :sad:

Hope this helps,

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Thanks for the comments guys. I'll give re-surfacing some thought but first I plan on giving my swim platform a good scrubbing with a brush. Scott, I think you may be right about the rubber on the platform drying out. I've kept the boat outside all year and the platform gets a got dose of sun. Thanks for your comments !!!

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After you clean it really good spray some 303 protectant on the rubber. It will protect the rubber out in the sun and help it not dry out. I would apply the 303 every couple of weeks and see if it helps.

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My boat was built as one of the last 06 boats and we do not have this problem, but some neighbors do have the same problem as you described. One neighbor had his replaced and it seemed to solve the problem. But nothing they put on the older one seemed to help long term.

I have almost white board shorts that I use mainly and almost always sit on the black deck when getting back into the boat, and I might see a little streak here and there, but nothing like you describe. And never do we have black stuff in the boat. So something must have changed, but I'm not sure what/when.

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