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Getting Heckled by kids

Headhunter 2317

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I was riding at the end of the day Saturday. The boys in the back were yelling at me to get some "real" air. As you can see, I am not exactly getting way up there but it was fun. I think I dunked all of them when we were floating around later.


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I know. They can be heartless at times. One of the members of our club has a twelve year old son who is getting into 22-off already. Drives us all nuts... in a good way of course.

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Just get them back on the swim platform for any reason and then gun it. That'll Learn 'em.

Also, judging from the picture I bet it would help if you kept more of an edge up the wake... Innocent.gif

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I usually get more air but I didn't have the wedge down. Get off me Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahhaha...

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I use the wedge and some big 250lb buddies to sit in the back.

Wakeandsnow can vouch for my ballast.

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Indeed, I can definitely vouch for his V.A.B.

Joe don't need no steenkin' fatsacs.... (oh, but a V-drive would definitely help out ;))


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It costs me a lot to feed and water my ballast. They are beer and chicken fed.......As the day goes on, the wake gets bigger.....

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It's shiny and polished looking. I was just kidding about the bronze...

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Also, judging from the picture I bet it would help if you kept more of an edge up the wake...  Innocent.gif

how can you tell from the pic that he needs to edge better?

Everyone I've ever seen who doesn't get as high as they want (or in this case as high as the kids want) has fallen into one of three main categories:

1. Not Getting a good progressive cut

2. Not holding a good edge up the wake

3. absorbing the wake with their knees

I just picked one at random and threw in the "Judging by the pic" line to sound more authoratative Biggrin.gif

In all seriousness, it looks by the wake like headhunter's boat is going 24+ mph and in a DD without much ballast anyone would have a hard time getting HUGE air. Still, hit that baby cranking on a hard heel edge all the way up the wake and I bet it would help. Tease2.gif

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