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was suppose to have a wonderful day at lake


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It was the start of a wonderful day, especially since my fiance said that we could both take off of work to go to the lake. We arrived at the launch and then that is when it all went down hill.

First off when we got there, there was a guy on his fishing boat tied up to the dock on the side where we back in. The launch is wide enough for two trailers at a time with cement walls on both sides. As i am backing in i notice that the fisherman is untying his boat from the dock so i figured he was getting ready to leave. I get the boat in the water and then i get in to drive it off the trailer while my fiance pulls out.( she hasnt learned to back it in yet) as i start to back up i notice that this fisherman is just drifting behind me and instead of getting out of the way he is to busy working on his fishing poles to even notice he has just drifted behind me in my way. i finally have to yell at him to move because by now he has me blocked in.i stop so he can move and it takes him what seems like an eternity for him to put up his pole and get his boat started. By this time i have drifted sideways so that the bow is facing one wall and the transom is facing the other wall and i am getting closer to dry cement (by now the fisherman has already hauled [email protected]%) all i can do is try and swing the boat around as quick as i can with out hitting the wall with the rear corner or hitting the prop on the launch pad. i dint have much time do to the current and when the rear swung around and bamm. i ended up hitting the cement wall with the rear corner and it split the rub rail in half. all you could here was me using the f bomb for every other word.

i finally calm down because i wasnt going to let it ruin my day. we go to our regular cove so that i can ski and my fiance can tube ( yes i said tube. we were the only ones out there, beside the A HOLE fisherman) i get out to ski and we take off an the boat dies. What tha [email protected]#$. She couldnt get it started so i climb in and try with no luck. i open the engine cover and the cap where you put the oil in was missing. i dig around to find it and put it back on. It fired right up. Thinking back i thinnk i for got to tighten the cap. My fault.

we ski and tube then we went to Papas for lunch. we ate lunch and got back on the boat and when i tried to start it it took a couple of times before it stared. we taxi out of the no wake zone and i gun it. we go about a 100 ft and it dies. i try to start it but nuthn happens. i traied some more but i didnt want to drain the battery so i gave up. A supra comes by and has to tow me in, luckly we were right besie my luanch at the time so not many people saw a supra pulling a Bu.What was bad is that i just got done telling my fiance and her brother about how much better the Bu is then a supra.

we get the boat loaded up and go back to my soon to be brother in laws condo and chill out there for a while before going home.

I get home today to work on the boat and it starts right up. Now that i think about it, it might have vapor locked. Any ideas?

sorry for the long post. had to vent a little about the wally


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That sucks dude. We all have days like that.

Was 38 here today, text the girl and said if your home first bring the boat in and get ready cos I wanna head out and get 2 hrs of boarding done.

I get home, she hasn't even gotten off her a**. Says shes too tired?! So I go get boat in, its outta gas! Grabbed jerry can, asked her to hold the funnel, so she does and while im pouring a bit spills out onto her hand, so she drops the funnel and starts screaming about how I just got gas on her hand and she has to wash it off immediately.

THEN the boat wouldn't start. Took cover off, took plugs out, chucked em back in and then it fires first time!

Funny thing is, the girl is always complaining about how she never gets to get her hands dirty with the bu

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Sorry for such a bad day. I've personally found that when it starts bad on the ramp, it doesn't usually get better & I almost always end up wishing that we had just put the boat back on the trailer & gone home. But hindsight & all of that....

Anyway, did you check the oil level after putting the cap back on?

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yeah , but the since we were about the only ones there it was to much to pass up. its not often that i can go out on conroe and it be smooth in the midle of the lake.

i checked the oil and it was fine. there wasnt any spray anywhere

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