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Engine paint?

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I got a new v-drive about 50 hours ago and all the black powder coating or paint has peeled off. Is there anyone who has had any luck with painting engine parts that get hot. If so what did you use? Any advice would be great.

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Yeah that's a pretty common problem from what I understand. I open the hatch and usually find a few chips sitting in the hull of my boat. Mine only seems to be peeling from the underside as far as I can tell but unless yours is completely gone, I probably wouldn't mess with it...it is covered up most of the time after all.

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I use an high-temp engine paint that I got at an auto parts store. It is in a spray can which makes things tricky. I usually spray some paint into a plastic cup and then use a brush to touch up the engine. You will smell the new paint burning in.

My biggest problem is the paint peeling off of the brass parts of the raw water pump. I think I have solved it however. Krylon makes a paint called "Fusion". I think it is more for plastics but it holds really well on brass. I painted the impeller cover this spring and it looks good as new with no signs of chipping/peeling. I also used it on my platform brackets that were looking pretty neglected and the wedge foil which suffers from electrolis (sp?). The paint on the wege still looks good and the brackets look brand new.

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In the off season, pull the manifolds, have them dipped or blasted, and repaint them with a quality HP exhaust paint from a performance shop, or have them ceramic coated (more money than good paint). My paint has not pealed at all.

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I didn't use the Krylon on anything that gets hot. Only on the brass on the h2o pump and the aluminum arms of the swim platform and wedge foil. Use a high temp engine paint like GT suggests. He would know being the engine guru that he is. Notworthy.gif

By the way.....The Krylon is holding up really well on the water pump but didn't fair so well on the wedge foil and swim platform brackets after 10 days of being in the water. By touch it felt as if it bubbled up from the inside. Correct me but is this electrolisis (sp?). If so how does one combat this? Can a sacrifcial anode be mounted somewhere? Our outboard had one by the transom and we never had a problem with the aluminum vs. steel problem.

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search wakeside rides site for word "anode", i posted pics of anode on the wedge. just buy the round one from West Marine, and put it right in the middle of the wedge.

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