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Brake Cable

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After my brother-inlaw assured me that the trailer was unhooked, I slowly pulled away, however, he forgot to unhook the brake cable (safety cable). It seems to have pulled out approximately 4" from it's original length. Is this something I need to worry about? I hooked back up and pulled forward and the brakes did not appear to be locked, however, I want to be sure it's ok before travelling again.

It is an extreme trailer.


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Not sure about the Extreme, but most 'bu trailer seem to use the UFP Actuator. (Web site says they do...)

You will need to reset the breakaway system. It's not intended to lock up the brakes, just bring the trailer to a stop. Take a look at the maintenance manual available from www.ufpnet.com - Page 7 & 8 for instructions.

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One thing I've learned after working at a marina for 5 years, never ever trust that a trailer has been properly hooked up unless you check it yourself.

And wienrdog is correct, you will have to reset the system.


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One thing I've learned after working at a marina for 5 years, never ever trust that a trailer has been properly hooked up unless you check it yourself.And wienrdog is correct, you will have to reset the system.



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One thing you'll need to be concerned about with 'resetting' the breakaway system is to make sure the stop is in the proper place.

The stop is the thing that looks like an old style lead sinker for fishing. If you pulled away from the trailer with enough force to slide that sinker down the cable, you need to make sure it is back in the original place along the cable, and secure. This stop keeps the cable slack inside the actuator, so that you avoid cruising down the road with even a little pressure applied to the brake system from the breakaway cable.

Also, if you ever take you trailer in for service, or call UFP for any help, the first thing they wil look at/ask you about is the position of the stop along the cable.

You should see the stop I'm talking about with the coupler open. You may get lucky and see where it was originally attached to the cable and be able to put it back there. Ohterwise, just about any trailer shop will be able to make sure things are put back in order.

But the most important thing to know is that resetting the actuator is required, or you could damage/overheat your braking system sometime down the road.

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I did that once, I remember having to order a new cable. Once the cable was pulled past a certain point I couldn't just push it back in, It seems like a had to dissemble something to install the new cable.

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After following the manual, I am still no farther ahead. The pushrod release bracket appears to be moving freely, but the cable did not retract. Step 2. I took a screwdriver and moved the piston from the hole under the unit. The pushrod moved back easy and when it was released, it moved back to its forward position. Did that a couple of times, however, still no retraction of the cable.

RTS, I see the indicator bead you are talking about. It appears it is in its original position. The break away clip did break off, but the bead looks like it did not move.

The only problem appears to be the cable not retracting.

Any ideas?

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As far as the cable 'retracting', you just need some slack in the cable to avoid the cable applying enough pressure to the actuator to scrub the brakes. It will not retract like it's spring loaded or anything. You may just need to reinstall a break away clip (UFP was kind enough to attach a couple extras to the front of my manual). The clip is there to prevent actuating the actuator with a slight pull, like accidently tripping on the cable or something.

You'll know if your brakes are not releasing, especially with disks. The Hubs on the wheels will get hot. Hot enough to blow grease out of the seals and set that grease on fire (been there, done that)

If your pushrod is moving easily, and back to forward position when released, I think you are fine...just attatch a new clip to the cable forward of the bead, inside the actuator.

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LOL I did the same thing once. Right down to the brother in law helping.

I completely ripped the cable out of the coupler though. I ended up having to disassemble the entire coupler and put in a new brake assembly.

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