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Gelcoat Repair Sacramento Area


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Just returned from a wonderful ski vacation at Priest Lake in northern Idaho. On the way back I hit a stretch of fresh chip sealed road in central Idaho. The result was hundreds of rock hits to the under side of my '98 RLX. Cry.gif The hull was in pristine condition prior... My trailer looks like it took multiple birdshot hits, too. My question is are there any recommendations for gelcoat repair in the Sacramento area. I live in Vacaville, so closer would be good too. Thumbup.gif I'm hoping my insurance will cover some of the cost. Any help would really be appreciated!

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I've used Morrison Marine before. They are in Rancho Cordova.

What kind of work did you have done and will they be able to take the boat off of the trailer? I need to get it repainted too....

How would you rate the service they provided?

Many thanks!

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On my first boat, I had two areas that needed work. I had gel coat missing along the keel near the bow. It was down to the raw fiberglass. Also on the transom, I had a small chunk missing when I got rear ended by a truck.

They hung the boat from the lift rings to fix the damage along the keel. The did a great job. It was a showroom quality repair. Even the color match to the damage on the transom.

They are a full service repair shop, so they have the capability to do whatever work you need done.

I know there are a couple other shops in the Sacramento area and they ave been discussed here before. So if you search, you should find a couple more options. But Morrison's did the only work I've had done and they did a great job. I want to get the gel coat on my current VLX fixed up, and will take it to them when I find the money to get the work done.

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When I lived out in that area, there used to be a guy out by the prison, close to a wrecking yard I believe that did some great gelcoat repair work. He did some work on my friends ski boat and I was going to have him fix some stuff on our last boat, but he was a bit high on the bid, if insurance pays for it get the best. I'm not sure if he is still around, but I'm sure you can find someone closer than sacto.

Good Luck

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Haven't had a chance to call my insurance carrier yet, but if it's anything like a car, I'm sure they will want multiple bids. Thanks for the info though. Thumbup.gif

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I'd be surprised if they ask for several estimates. My insurance company has never requested multiple for any repair work that I've had done.

Boats aren't like cars, where there is a repair shop on every corner.

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I would go to Hurliman Boat Repair for all my service now. They fixed my hull damage on my Echelon, and it came out perfect. Gel coat repairs are their specialty. They also do full trailer work. I've been very happy with them, and Steve is a great guy.

The nice part about Hurliman's is they are a small shop, and you get very personal attention. They are a bit out there though for a Vacaville person, but not too bad. Just a little further up 80 to Penryn.


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You're right, vlxjeff, the insurance co. only required one bid....took it to Morrison's yesterday...geeeeez, I hope the surveyor they send out is in a good mood!

Thanks for the tip on Hurliman's, IamN2speed. Do they repaint trailers, or just repair and fab? The trailer damage (rock dings) to the paint bums me out almost....almost...as much as the boat....

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Well, I did some checking and found out that Ultimate Water Sports here in Vacaville does gel coat repair and have been for the past (close to) 30 years, like Morrison. When I took my boat there, which by the way is less than 1/2 a mile from my house, they pretty much concurred with Morrison's estimate. The surveyor looked at it yesterday and it will take about a week to get his report. I have been getting the preemptive rhertoric that the boat might not be worth as much as NADA suggests due to the down turn in the ecomomy and the boat may have to be totaled....I THINK NOT! Ultimate Water Sports said they don't think it will be a problem, tho, since the boat is in such good shape and it only has 193 hours on it.....the saga continues...

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