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Back 2 Front

Tom Sawyer

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Looking for tips getting from back to front on my feet. I can stick them all day long on the shoes skis at 22 mph. I am making them on my feet but have yet to ski one away without my rear end touching at least a little bit.

My current technique is to get as upright and aggressive as I can with my feet as close together as possible, then I let go with my right hand and just let the boat spin me to my left. If I'm using my body to add any momentum to the turn it is very minimal. I try not to think about putting alot of effort into reaching for the handle with my free hand.

The problem that's developing is that sometimes the inside of my right foot (my trailing foot during the turn) is catching and sending me down. This awkward way of catching my foot (once again on the inside) has resulted in a few minor strains to my groin area and last week it sent the torque through me knee. Shocking.gif It hurt so bad I thought I blew my knee out when it happened, but as it turns out it wasn't very serious. This new development has of course shaken my nerve for attempting the trick. While in the past I have always been even weight on both feet when I let go of the handle, I'm considering shifting more weight to my left foot in an effort to protect my right one from catching side ways.

I'm very frustrated because I know I'm very close to being able to stick these feet to feet. At the same time, I know I'm doing something to put myself at risk for injury. Any help from the crew's experienced footers would be very much appreciated.

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Crap, you're waaay ahead of me.

If noone else chimes in, I'll take a look at the Lane Bowers video tonight on back-to-fronts and try to summarize what he says.


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Hello Tom Saywer,

I've just started working my B-F on shoe skis and haven't attempted on my feet yet. However, here is a link that may help??? After reading the articles it sounds like perhaps you are moving your upper body and head around first??? Check it out. http://barefootcentral.com/coach's_Q11_frame.htm .

Now I was just at a clinic with Paul MacDonald (super awesome instructor by the way and highly recommend) and he wanted me to "actively" turn my feet in the direction I wanted to turn. The turn had to come from my feet not anywhere else. Also, some of the "old" teachings of letting go of the handle one finger at a time, anticipating the turn, is out with him and Scarpa. Just let go and turn he said. Who can argue with that. It seems to work for me on the trainers but haven't attempted the feet. Good Luck and be careful of that knee.

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I've been working all 4 turns for the last year and am working the B to F on my feet but not the F to B yet. I've worked with KSO on these and much of what you are doing is correct. A couple things he always says when you let go, resist the turn from the boat. That will slow your turn down and make it much easier and cleaner. Also, if you are letting go with your right hand, don't shift weight to your left foot because you may start a bad habit of stepping under. Shift a bit to your right foot. I have found the turn to go smoother with some weight shifted to the foot I'm turning on. Additionally, it will make 1 foot turns easier when you get there.

Good luck and take your time. If you are using Scarpa trainers currently, get a pair of the cut-downs as well. I purchased the extreme footers from BFC and feel I need to be more technically correct on the smaller shoes in order to make the transition to my feet easier.

Good luck and keep trying, but only do a few per set. Messes with your head after a while.

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the answer is simple - dump your current skiing partner (Huck Finn) and make the drive south to ski with Mike Sneider, Doug Winter and team. they'll get you solid in no time...

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Try thinking about squaring your shoulders to the boat as you come around. Instead of having them facing upward on an angle, try facing them directly at the back of the boat / boom. this will bring your upper body up over top of your feet more. then, just absorb the weight transfer with your knees.

Going F-B is all about breaking at the waist.


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