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Response Lxi Top Speed

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The speedometer on my '05 Response Lxi is out of adjustment and I don't have a GPS as of yet. I figured if I knew the top speed, I could get a pretty good estimate to adjust it to. Can someone with the same boat with the 340 hp Monsoon engine let me know what their top speed is? I finished the breakin and the speed has been off since new. I am figuring it is around 50 mph but the more accurate the better.

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Too many variables. 3 blade prop? 4 blade prop? Prop diameter? Prop pitch? Water current? Wind? Elevation? You get the idea. No way to calibrate it w/o a GPS or a slalom course and timer.

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Your best bet is to borrow or buy a GPS. I got one for $99. It is great to have. I use it all the time and other people borrow it all the time, so you're not just wasting $99 for a one time thing. Here is a pic of mine. I know a lot of people here use this one because it is inexpensive and does not come with a lot of extras such as maps and other stuff you don't need for calibrating boat speedos. Unless you need those other features, then there are many to choose from.

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As a general guideline, the tach will be very close to the actual speed in the 30 - 32 mph range. I have a 2005 LXi with a Monsoon and they are almost dead on.

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As others have said, GPS or, if you've got PP and a timer, are the only ways to go.

Until then, though, I would second Sunapee's reponse.

Given that you have the stock prop and assuming a calm day with no wind on a lake with no current, take the boat out without a skier. 30mph will be a right around 3000 rpms. Set your speedo and you'll at least be within a couple of mphs.

This will get you close. Now remember that you just dropped some serious coin on a beautiful boat - $100 more for a GPS won't break the bank. :)


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shop mechanics tell me that 47 is about the top speed for the lxe wot. I would agree that the tach is pretty close. I use 3650 for 36 mph. With your perfect pass baselines you snould be able to get pretty close.

I have a monsoon 340, 3 blade prop at about 94ft of elevation. I have been at shasta and my numbers are close to the same for the tech heads.

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