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One more proud dad...


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So we're out on the lake tonight, my 9 year old wants to ski. No problem, off we go. After she finishes up, my 6 year old wants to give it a go. He had tried it off the boom late last year, but he just couldn't get the hang of it. And since he wasn't particularly driven to keep trying, I wasn't going to push him.

This year, he hadn't really expressed a lot of interest either, so when he was begging me to give it a go, how could I refuse? Whistling.gif Fortunately, our friends with the boom happen to be out there tonight (man I wish I had a boom), and they were more than happy to accomodate. First attempt and BOOM! Up and skiing!!!!! Yahoo.gifYahoo.gifYahoo.gif The grin on his face was absolutely priceless, and is something I will never forget (just like the one on his sister's face her first time).

Probably went 100 yards before his hands slipped off the boom and he did a mild face plant. I was a little nervous that might intimidate him, but no way! He was squealling with delight, and couldn't wait to go again. Skied at least another 6 times, and would have kept going if not for that darned sun disappearing!

I was bummed that I hadn't brought the camera, but our friends happened to have a disposable with them, so I was able to capture the moment. Hopefully the pics turned out, so I can post them later.

What an awesome life, eh? Rockon.gif

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Hey Jerry, those are great moments, aren't they? Along with my bimini top, I consider my boom to be an absolute essential. We had a great day this past Friday afternoon. Hurricane Dennis had cancelled the planned youth conference our church kids go to near Panama City, FL, so we had a group of bummed out kids to deal with unexpectedly all week. Friday afternoon was lake day, so I stategically positioned our boat to be skiers only, relegating the kneeboarders and tubers to the two I/Os that came along.

I put one high school senior girl on the boom to get the feel of slalom, then she got up deep water on the line first time, later dropped and repeated. I've never had one get up without a single hitch. We got another first time slalomer up deep water after several determined tries, then two newbies that had never been on skis at all got their start on combos. Had one graduating senior who is University of Nebraska bound, to successfully drop a ski for the first time, which I figure qualifies him for the Husker ski team Biggrin.gif . Got two moms to get back on the slalom stick, thinking they were getting too old now that they were in their forties, and got a doctor in his mid-60s back on the slalom since his last time when he was in his 50s. We had a lot a firsts and a great day for the sport in our little locale.

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Know just change him over to wakeboarding. Rockon.gif

NFW!!! No.gif

Seriously, I will encourage my kids to do whatever it is that floats their boat, so to speak. I just want them to love being out on the water as much as I do.

That said, since I'm the one paying the bills to float my boat, they're gonna have to accept the fact that they will be doing their thing behind a DD boat with as flat a wake as I can get. Wedge & a tower? Sure thing - but they will get to convince Mom we need to spend the money. Whistling.gif

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Jerry - I'm going to have to meet up with you sometime on Fenton. I get up there pretty often. I'm trying to get my kids up on trainers. So far, they don't have the courage to try. Sometimes seeing other kids do it will get them more in the mood.

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Jerry - I'm going to have to meet up with you sometime on Fenton.  I get up there pretty often.  I'm trying to get my kids up on trainers.  So far, they don't have the courage to try.  Sometimes seeing other kids do it will get them more in the mood.

No problem, I'll send you a PM with my contact info. Always looking for a reason to get out on the water (like I really need a reason Crazy.gif ).

How old are your kids? Are you using a boom, or trying the deep water starts?

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Jerry and Hank, congrats to both of you!

Wish I could post a vid clip of my 3-yr.-old on a skimmer behind the boat. Started off the platform, now does DW starts!

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While I was off this week, I finally got the last of my four kids up on slalom, adding my 9 yr old daughter to the list. She worked off the boom last summer and it was really too easy this year, so I knew she was ready ( she never wanted to even mess with two skis). Tuesday she got up on the long line for the first time, with me in the water helping her, then again all on her own. Then yesterday, she went a couple of miles, crossing both wakes with perfect form. Yahoo.gif

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That's awesome, Hank!

Reminds me I neglected to provide an update on my 6yr old. About a week after getting him up on the boom, we are out and about on the lake. My son decides he would like to try a deep water start. First time he tried, it was like he had been doing it forever! Yahoo.gif

Here's a pic of my little guy:


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I should add that it was a big week for him. The next night we took the training wheels off his bike. First time I let go, and he was off to the races!

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Our daughter started on the wakeboard last year and now likes skiing better...I think she likes the speed!

Bless her little heart...seeing one plucked from the dark side brings tears to my eyes.

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Congrats...I know the feeling.  My 5 year old daughter learned to ski this year as well, now I'm doing everything I can to keep her from trying a wakeboard.


I think there's hope that we may avoid the darkside for awhile. We put her out on the boom today, got up on a slalom on her third try. I digging in the trunk to get the 5' rope and it was like they opened the gates...boats everywhere so the 5' rope attempt has to wait.

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My 9 year old dropped a ski today in what felt like the middle of the ocean, with all those dark side soldiers around making monster waves. She did really well, and decided she wanted to try a deep water start. We found a cove that was at least partially sheltered from the madness, and she gave it a good try.

Her first attempt was the best - she actually got out of the water, but didn't stand up soon enough and ended up falling over. I blame myself, because right before the attempt I told her not to rush standing up. She's a real featherweight, and can practically stand on combos without even moving! :) Of course, this is the one time she decides to actually listen to me. :Doh:

Anyway, she tried it a few more times with decreasing success as she got more tired and the dark side started to invade our quiet cove. Mad.gif The good news is she didn't get discouraged. She made me promise to take her out early one day this week on the calm water. To which I said "OhhhhKayyy, if I hhhaavvvve to." Innocent.gifWhistling.gif

( Yahoo.gifYahoo.gifYahoo.gif )

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To which I said "OhhhhKayyy, if I hhhaavvvve to." Innocent.gifWhistling.gif

That sounds familiar. . .

Add my three-year-old to the ranks of the "skiers." He does deep water starts on a skimmer and cuts from side to side. Shocking.gifYahoo.gif

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