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Skylon tower advice needed...


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I have just bought a 2002 sportster from a dealership. I have decided I would like to have a tower put on it, which I did not do on my '96 response so I am new to the selection game. Anyways I would like some input on what I should do, here is my situation:

1) I do not like the look of any of the Titan towers (series 1-3) too many curves etc...

2) I like the way the monster towers look but I would have to install it and I would not like to be at fault for screwing up my pride and joy

3) The dealership with install the skylon swoop classic tower for a pretty decent price and I would not have to worry about anything- however I do not like how old looking the swoop classic is.

4) Strictly going on what I want my boat to look like I found the Skylon Pro XT and Xtreme towers, but they are a universal fit and I am not sure the dealership will install it. Even though money is not a real issue, these are $1000 less and I like the look better.

So what are my questions?

I would like to know if I go with a universal tower, am I doing the Malibu name injustice by not purchasing a model designed for its hull?

If I purchase a universal tower will I be disappointed with the results?

Does anyone know of a better tower that is along the same look but built for the 2002 era sportsters?

Thanks in advance for all your input!

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titan tower all the way. i wasnt sure about the "look" either at first. but once u have some racks and speakers mounted on them they look much nicer. plus u will not find a more sturdy tower out there.

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In MY Experience, Run from Skylon.

They flop around.

They WILL cause gel cracks around the mounts (I can send you pics).

Skylon, IME, will NOT stand behind their products.

Ever wonder why Malibu doesn't use those style towers any more?

Learn to like the Titan, you'll thank yourself later.

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Malibu got rid of Skylon's tower in like 2002 because they were a rickity POS. Look around & you will find guys who have retrofitted other towers on their boats to get rid of that one.

Skylon has a newer design now, the Swoop, but it's only a little bit stronger & sturdier than their old design....... and no where near the strength of the Titan. If you do go with the Skylon Swoop, make damn sure you get the "optional" side supports. It's a terrible design without the side supports & they should be mandatory on all installs.

I know you don't want to hear it, but the Titan is the best. Loaded with gear, racks, speakers, bimini, lights, etc., you will like how it looks, and it'll actually be strong enough to support all that gear safely.

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Thank God for themalibucrew.com! sounds like I owe you all a beer or two... are there any other brands to stay away from/ recommended? Does anyone have an opinion on the Monster Towers? Obviously pull, quality, and durability trumps looks any day!!! Thanks again!

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Malibu got rid of Skylon's tower in like 2002 because they were a rickity POS.


Actually, they didn't do away with it until '05, but I'm nit-picking. :)

Titan was factory that year as well as Skylon. Resale would be better, IMO, with a factory tower more so than a universal type.

Couldn't agree more. We had a Skylon on our '04, & given the choice I'd go with the Titan every day of the week & twice on Sunday. Monster makes a fine product & provides excellent CS, but I would give the nod to Titan in terms of resale & fit (it will be built specifically for your boat instead of the universal fit of the Monster). You could look at Titan's DL6 (I think that's what it's called) since you'll be fitting to a smaller boat - it would be a bit more proportional.

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Monster has a similar shape & look as the Titan. I have to think from an engineering standpoint, they are similar in strength. But no matter what tower, add more joints & pivots & you take away from the rigidity. Monster has at least 4 more joints on top so the legs can be adjusted to more width boats. Titan is made specifically for your hull, no joints to compromise the overall strength.

Reading opinions about Monster on the net & they have great customer service. And their price is right. But the fact that they are installed by people who don't know any better & the tower has a lot of adjustability leaves some room for error. I've run into a couple of installs over the years where the tower bounces a bit too much or leans one way or another. I'm pretty sure with some adjustment & tightening of joints, the installs could be fixed. Whether or not the owner ever does it is anyone's guess.

The fact that Titan makes their tower specifically for your boat leaves less room for problems. And their price is not too bad either.

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While I too have heard good things about Monster folks, I can also say that the Titan guys are amongst the best in the industry of not only quality but customer serivce as well. After 8 years not one issue w/ my Titan I.

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Plus1.gif Not one problem with our Titan I for these last 4 years........ Titan all the way. Best we could find, and we looked long and hard before we put a tower on our sunsetter.
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